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With Friends Like These….

March 20th, 2006
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From our great ally on the War on Terrorism, the country whose freedom we won by spilling American blood, come this news. But I’m so glad to read that they are not against any particular religion in the world, they only kill people who convert to Christianity in their country.

Afghan Man Faces Death for Allegedly Converting to Christianity   

KABUL, Afghanistan — An Afghan man who allegedly converted from Islam to Christianity is being prosecuted in a Kabul court and could be sentenced to death, a judge said Sunday.

The defendant, Abdul Rahman,
was arrested last month after his family went to the police and accused
him of becoming a Christian, Judge Ansarullah Mawlavezada told the
Associated Press in an interview. Such a conversion would violate the
country’s Islamic laws.

Rahman, who is believed to be 41, was charged with rejecting Islam when his trial started last week, the judge said.

During the hearing, the defendant allegedly confessed that he
converted from Islam to Christianity 16 years ago when he was 25 and
working as a medical aid worker for Afghan refugees in neighboring Pakistan, Mawlavezada said.

Afghanistan’s constitution is based on Shariah law, which states
that any Muslim who rejects their religion should be sentenced to death.

"We are not against any particular religion in the world. But in
Afghanistan, this sort of thing is against the law," the judge said.
"It is an attack on Islam. … The prosecutor is asking for the death

The prosecutor, Abdul Wasi, said the case was the first of its kind in Afghanistan.

He said that he had offered to drop the charges if Rahman changed his religion back to Islam, but the defendant refused.

Mawlavezada said he would rule on the case within two months.

Afghanistan is a deeply conservative society and 99 percent of its 28 million people are Muslim. The rest are mainly Hindus.

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  1. organshoes
    March 21st, 2006 at 13:25 | #1

    That’s just heartbreaking all the way around. I read that the death sentence has to be approved by Karzai himself. Surely…

  2. March 21st, 2006 at 17:41 | #2

    There is no way this sentence will be carried out. Karzai knows quite well that to even punish this man severely would hand the Taliban its greatest victory by undercutting support for our involvement in Afghanistan among those who have hitherto been its strongest advocates.
    It was to be expected that Sharia would be given lip service in Afghan law. No Afghan government which did not give lip service to it could survive. The question is whether it will be given more than lip service.
    Unless Karzai is suicidal, it won’t.

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