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Lutheran Service Book

March 31st, 2006
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The Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod, in which I serve as a pastor, has prepared a new Lutheran hymnal. I have been aware of, and involved in certain ways, in this project for many years. It began when in the mid-1990s, Rev. A.L. Barry, of blessed memory, was serving as president of The Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod. Rev. Dr. Paul Grime, Executive Director of the Synod’s Commission on Worship, some time soon after he came to serve in this position, began talking about the need for a new hymnal to replace "Lutheran Worship." Dr. Barry, at a meeting of the Commission on Worship, indicated that 2007 would seem like a good year for a new hymnal to be made available to the Missouri Synod and so the ball was set in motion. Dr. Grime, with the able assistance of his co-worker in The LCMS Commission on Worship, Rev. Jon Vieker, started into the project, a preliminary step along the way being the production of "Hymnal Supplement ’98." Well, we are at the point now where the new hymnal will soon be, God willing, a reality. And it is  fantastic. It has been prepared by the LCMS Commission on Worship and has been worked on for many years by committees consisting of literally hundreds of people who have, for the past number of years, devoted themselves to producing for The Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod, and the wider English-speaking Lutheran community, a hymnal that provides the best of both old and new.

A new web site has been established that will provide a "one stop shop" for news and information about Lutheran Service Book and its various companion pieces, as this information becomes available.

I’ve seen recently first pages of the new hymnal and it is simply gorgeous. It is going to be a tremendous resource, in both style and substance.

I invite you to visit the CPH Lutheran Service Book web site, and bookmark and return often to keep up to date on the progression of the hymnal’s production.

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  1. Rev. Allen Bergstrazer
    March 31st, 2006 at 10:02 | #1

    Both of my congregations will be purchasing the LSB, one right away at release and the other later in 2007. We were blessed with a memorial gift from the family of a sainted pastor to replace all our hymnals three years ago. But it didn’t make much sense to purchase 110+ copies of the current hymnal in use when the LSB was not too far away. So we’ve had to get very creative with book tape and hand me downs from other congregations! Needless to say we’re all anxious to get it, and have been preparing for the past two years, (leaning new hymns and one new order of service) though most congregations won’t have much trouble with the transition-particularly those that use LW. We’re using TLH, and have been since… well, since always, and so the words ‘new hymnal’ caused apprehension with some because they think it will be completely foreign to them. It took a lot of discussions about what ‘new’ means. There’s new as in the difference between a land line dial telephone; and your new motorola cell phone that will be obsolete before you learn how to use it, and ‘new’ as in the difference between your old hat and boots and a new pair of Tony Llama boots and a Stetson(yes its cattle country out here).
    Dr. Barry chose a good time to begin the project as most of the people involved with LW were still available, and their experience, along with the lessons learned from LW are invaluable. The commission on worship took their time, did their homework and came up with an excellent product.
    Congregations that have a lot of tattered copies of TLH or LW in the pews should seriously consider the LSB.

  2. March 31st, 2006 at 10:05 | #2

    Thanks for your work on this Rev. McCain. This hymnal will be a blend of both old and new hymnody that will serve the Church for many years. I’m especially excited to sing “Water, Blood, and Spirit Crying” with my congregation.
    Thanks again!

  3. organshoes
    March 31st, 2006 at 10:43 | #3

    So glad it promises an expansion of Divine Service III.

  4. Terry Maher
    April 2nd, 2006 at 14:27 | #4

    The LSB looks terrific from what is available on the LCMS website. I’ve never been a fan of the sources that lead to what will be Setting One and Two or the three year lectionary (was Vatican II an event in the Lutheran Church?) but as presented in the LSB it will be OK.

  5. Rev. Al Bergstrazer
    April 3rd, 2006 at 11:42 | #5

    Anytime we hear the word “diversity” it should raise a red flag. In the words of Wilhelm Loehe (the Loehe dictum); “Novelty and falsehood are synonymous when they apply to things one cannot really comprehend. Every novelty in religious matters deserves suspicion.”

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