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“As Dull as Watching Da Vinci’s Paint Dry”

May 18th, 2006
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Is Ron Howard repeating the famous line from one of his best movies, Apollo 13? "Houston, we have a problem here."

The critics, so far, as assailing The Da Vinci Code as a being a dull, plodding movie. My favorite movie review site, Rotten Tomatoes.com has the scoop. Here are some choice quotes:

"An oppressively talky film that isn’t exactly dull, but comes as
close to it as one could imagine with such provocative material."

"You know a movie’s a dud when even its self-flagellating albino killer monk isn’t any fun.

  "Way too long and duller than watching Da Vinci’s paint
dry…takes away the book’s little credibility and makes the flaws more

  "I’ve solved The Da Vinci Code -%u2013 here is its secret: Zzzzzzzzzzz."

  "Perhaps an interesting side-piece to those already fanatical
about the book, but ultimately a lifeless adaptation that reveals the
flaws of its source. So Dark, the Con of Dan Brown."

But, not all comments are so negative. The film does seem to have a fan base at Spirituality and Practice Journal:

"Opens the door for many spiritual seekers to think afresh about
Jesus, sexuality, the Sacred Feminine and the great mysteries that
cannot be contained in dogmas."

Howard and Hanks may not even be able to say of this movie what was said of the Apollo 13 mission: a successful failure. And I’m just not at all bothered by this.

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