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The Da Vinci Deception

May 18th, 2006
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I’ve been following with considerable interest the Da Vinci code movie and reactions to it. I’ve not read the book, and don’t plan on reading it. And I do not have any plans to see the movie. Why?

I recently told somebody I have come to the decision not to see the movie, in spite of the fact that Tom Hanks is my favorite actor and Ron Howard one of my favorite directors.

I told my friend that I just didn’t feel right about, in any way, helping to fund a movie that attacks the most sacred truths of our Christian faith, that is all about portraying the "cover up" in the Catholic Church and so forth. It seems that "fair game" these days are Roman Catholics, and Christians in general. Imagine for a moment the public outcry that would erupt if somebody dared to make a movie portraying Islam as a fraud and a hoax, or the Holocaust as a myth. But this kind of things come along and people snap it up and protests are condemned as Christians being "narrow minded."

When my friend asked me to tell him what I would say to others considering seeing it and why perhaps they should not, I said, "Well, let’s put it this way. Should Christians really be going to a movie, to be entertained, that deals with the most sacred and holy truths God has given us and treats them as lies? Should Christians be regarding this movie as either fun, or in any way, informative, when the premise of the movie is that everything orthodox Christianity teaches, based on God’s Word, is a hoax and lie? And if we say, ‘Oh, but it is just movie.’ Then I would respectfully suggest that perhaps we need to consider why it is that we have reached a point where we are so passe and think that such a movie is "fun" or "entertaining." Finally, I observed to another person, "I can hear people saying, ‘If you don’t see the movie, you have no right to talk about it. You have to see it to know what it is really all about. But I say, "Do I have to sit through a slasher movie to know that murder is wrong? Do I have to sit through a bawdy, profane, and filthy movie to say that it is a violation of the sixth commandment?" Ok, off the soap box.

The fact is that the Da Vinci Code has caused a lot of conversation, and that is good. Perhaps people will realize how dangerous it is to be so appallingly ignorant of the basic facts of church history. The fact that so many are being duped by this absolutely fraudulent and baseless book and now the movie is evidence of just how low we have sunk when it comes to basic catechesis. And there’s the opportunity this movie presents…teaching, teaching…and more…teaching.

To aid you in that task, you may wish to consider Concordia Publishing House’s brief downloadable study on the Da Vinci Code. Other resources are avaialble as well, just follow the link on this web page.

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