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Lars Walker — Get Him. Read Him.

June 24th, 2006
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Do you have a personal literary advisor? I am perhaps one of the fortunate few to have one. And I have a very good one. A Lutheran one. His name is Gene Edward Veith. Dr. Veith has published about as many books as I have actually read, carefully. I can’t help but giggle a bit when I hear about "published" authors in Lutheran circles. I just think of Dr. Veith and chuckle a bit. The man has published a lot of books, about a lot of things, from country music, to postmodernism, to American landscape painters. Therefore, when Dr. Veith recommends books, I listen. He recently sent me an e-mail that put it this way: "Stop whatever you are doing and order Lars Walkers’ books." So, I did. I’m eighty pages into Mr. Walker’s "Wolf Time." I am absolutely fascinated and mesmerized. And I’m not a "fantasy" fan. But, this book is amazing. It is at the same time a mystery, a fable, a morality play, and it is very much authentically Christian…and….Lutheran! It manages to advocate for the historic Christian faith while not coming across as "preachy" and contrived. So, if you want some great summer reading, check out Mr. Lars Walker. He has three books published: Wolf Time, The Year of the Warrior, and Blood and Judgement. I could hardly put it down to take the time to post this. I have to get back to the book to find out what happens next.

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  1. June 25th, 2006 at 09:09 | #1

    I, too, read Dr. Veith’s blog. So when he suggested Lars Walker I, too, purchased his books (even though you can get Wolf Time for free as an e-book) and enjoyed them greatly. They are everything you say they are and more. Plus, on Lars Walker’s web site he had a link to the world’s greatest singer. So I bought some of her music and played it while reading and the blend was a true joy. It really was the best fun I have had in reading and music in a long, long time. Thanks for repeating the news that others might enjoy. One thing more, Lars Walker answered my e-mail questions quickly, clearly and completely. It really is fun to have a real author to communicate with.
    McCain: I’m impressed by the depth of discusssion that Lars works into his books. It is quite impressive.

  2. June 28th, 2006 at 19:43 | #2

    Glad you’re enjoying the book.

  3. Andrew
    July 8th, 2006 at 07:56 | #3

    Hi Pastor McCain,
    I was wondering if you would approve of reading Lars Walker’s books in a 6th grade English class? What reading level would you consider these books to be most appropriate for?
    McCain: Given the content and subject matter, I’m not really sure I would recommend them for anyone under 16. I definitely would not use them in a 6th grade class. I think that most of the book would be way over the heads anyway. This is not “light” stuff, by any means. I would suggest you read the book for yourself, easily done, and I think you will understand why I feel this way. I would not be comfortable suggesting the books for 6th graders.

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