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Revising the Trinity’s Name

June 28th, 2006
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Gene Edward Veith provides further commentary on the PCUSA’s recent adoption of new names and words to use for the Holy Trinity. This raises an extremely serious issue. Orthodoxy is now declared formally optional in the PCUSA in regard to the names revealed by God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

TPersons baptized in the PCUSA under these new names can not be received as persons who have been baptized in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Any Baptism performed in the name of the "Compassionate Mother, Beloved Child and Life-Giving Womb" does not have the Word of Christ, therefore, no promise of Christ, therefore…it is not a baptism, but merely a sprinkling of water.

Persons thus baptized can not be received by any orthdox Christian church as baptized Christians and can not be received at the Lord’s Table either. Churches in full communion with the PCUSA who do not reject this PCUSA move thereby endorse it and in so doing put a huge question mark on what they themselves understand to be the import of the Lord’s institution. They may still use"Father, Son and Holy Spirit" but by not rejecting specifically an ecumenical partner’s decision to treat these terms as one of several viable options, they therefore treat as optional our Lord’s words and command.

What does this mean for confessional Lutheran churches? It means that those presenting themselves for membership in our congregations need to be very carefully questioned about the nature of their Baptism. In whose name was it administered?

It would be better to administer Holy Baptism according to Christ’s word and promise than leave anyone in doubt as to the legitimacy and validity of their baptism.

There is a very real pastoral dimension to all this that the PCUSA liberals, in their zeal to advance their warped agenda obviously didn’t think about, or didn’t care about.

Link: More on revising the Trinity.

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