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Men Are from Mars Hill – Christianity Today Magazine

July 12th, 2006
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An interview with Pastor Mark Driscoll, an interesting fellow, as you will soon find out, if you are not aware of him already.

Link: Men Are from Mars Hill – Christianity Today Magazine.

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  1. Frank Marron
    July 13th, 2006 at 01:36 | #1

    I read the Christianity Today article on Mark Driscoll and found it interesting. Apparently this pastor is kind of eclectic in his theology, as his comments indicated, where he embraces Calvinistic theology, while appreciating the contributions of various other historical Christians such as Spurgeon and Luther. Although I found his comments intellectually stimulating and often insightful, I still agree with C.F.W. Walther that the ability to properly distinguish between Law and Gospel in God’s Word is absolutely critical for understanding what God is communicating to mankind: without this ability the bible is and remains a sealed book and any minister without this ability is not an orthodox preacher. I seriously doubt that Driscoll’s adherrence to Calvinistic theology will produce a truly orthodox church where the Holy Spirit is the Person through Whom faith and true enlightenment comes.

  2. Michael L. Anderson
    July 17th, 2006 at 07:13 | #2

    Men are from Mars Hill; the men of God are from 1 Cor 1:22-24.
    To compare and contrast Paul’s sermon of Acts 13, with the apology he presents in Acts 17 will prove illuminating and a good test of Law and Gospel discernment, for Lutherans. Really, which is the best example of solid, Good News evangelism?
    Of course, the Calvinist-leaning protestants of CT magazine love Mars Hill; it is a piece which speaks of man’s intellectualizing accomplishments, with spit and polish. Lutherans, I suggest, will be less laudatory.
    I do not blame Paul; there is incontrovertible Biblical evidence which establishes that the Apostle to the Gentiles got the ol’ heave-ho hook, quite before completing his message to the archons of Athens.
    Pre-exam hints scrawled on the shirt cuffs: Paul mentions a bodily resurrection, but no Body hanging on a cross. Is the Name of the Lord to whom every knee will bow one day, ever explicitly mentioned, as was done in Acts 13? Paul speaks of a Judgment, sure, by a raised and “God-appointed” man; but that in itself is not Gospel, and does he speak of the basis for a hoped for verdict of “not guilty?”

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