October 28th, 2006
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Mlbcardinals_2 It was a great series, even if the Tigers’ pitchers set a record of most errors ever in a World Series. Ouch. That truly has to hurt.  [Detroit fans: demand an investigation into this. Did they intentionally throw the game? That's the best construction possible here!].

The pitching duels were wonderful.  Well, except for the final game where the Tigers’ pitcher fell apart.

The baseball was old-school "small ball" in many cases. The conduct of the players, with one notable exception, was exemplary.  It is a shame that Rogers brought disgrace on himself and his team as he did. But overall, a great series.

Kudos to Jim Leyland, manager of the Tigers. He is one class act! Congratulations sir. I’ve never seen a manager be so forthright, honest and handle himself with such aplomb and integrity. Class act! What a refreshing change. Larussa and Leyland-really showing the best of baseball! Thank you gentlemen. Congratulations to the Tigers on a remarkable turn-around in their season. Oh, the joys of First Article gifts.

My bottom line on any world series is that any series the Yankees haven’t bought their way into with their salary advantage, is a good series.

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  1. October 28th, 2006 at 01:58 | #1

    While I would’ve preferred to see 1968 revisited, congrats to the Cards on turning the clock back to 1934. I’m an AL guy, which means that I dislike the Cards on general principle; however, I don’t have the deep-seated hatred of them like so many of the Cubbies fans around here — I would’ve been more bothered by the Tigers losing to the Mets…
    McCain: American League baseball is wimpy-ball with their “designated hitter.”
    Anyway, props to the Cardinals — they deserved it more than the Tigers (who literally threw it away over the course of the 5 games!).

  2. Monte Meyer
    October 29th, 2006 at 17:49 | #2

    I’m glad the Cards won – but you call it a “good Series”?
    It is to laugh.
    8 errors (5 of them by pitchers) by the Tigers isn’t exactly good baseball. Although I guess they could use the weather as an excuse – since it’s hard to field the ball when you can’t feel your hands!
    Congrats to the Cards. Now their shame of losing to the Twins in ’87 is somewhat mitigated!!! heh.

  3. November 2nd, 2006 at 07:18 | #3

    If the Cardinal fans don’t believe in the sign of Jonah after this series, I doubt they ever will.
    Congrats to the Cards. I still think the best team on paper didn’t even make the series this year – The Sox.
    Wait Till Next Year!

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