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The Great Danger that Confronts the Christian Church

January 26th, 2007
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A wonderful comment by Dr. Walther, preaching on Matthew 8: Christ stills the storm:

"This is a portrait of the great danger that confronts the Christian Church at all times. Just like this boat, the Church travels on the sea of the world. Its pilot is Christ, its oarsmen are the preachers of the Gospel, its gangplank is faith and Baptism, its anchor is hope, its mast is the cross, its sail is the Word swelled by the Holy Spirit, its flag is our confession, its crew is faithful Christians, and the harbor to which it is traveling is heaven. As soon as this ship of the Church weighed anchor, at the time of the apostles, and set out on its voyage, a tempest arose from below and a windstorm from above. Hell, the world, and even the heavens seemed to be united in a conspiracy to disrupt and destroy the Church. A tempest of bloody persecution beset it, to be soon followed by a whirlwind of false doctrines. From that time on the Church has always been in danger of being smashed to pieces and sinking in the deep."

More to come!

Walther, God Grant It, p. 163-164.

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