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Two Questions

January 29th, 2007
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Thanks to Pastor Mangold for posting this comment. I thought it was worth a separate post.

1.  I don’t believe it can be much simpler than the First Petition of the Lord’s Prayer and its meaning.  How can we "teach God’s Word in its truth and purity" and then teach our people to "lead God pleasing lives" if we cannot preach sanctification?

2. I certainly do not believe that St. Paul had a problem proclaiming the Gospel and then diving right into his great "therefores."  If Paul can say "Christ died for your sins, therefore you will respond by . . . " why can’t we do the same?

Good questions indeed.

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  1. Rev. Ken Mangold
    February 3rd, 2007 at 12:32 | #1

    I made the front page? Now that’s scary . . . .

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