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The Seminex Crisis in The LCMS

February 14th, 2007
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Thanks to "Der Bettler" blog site for this…last week, Issues, Etc. covered the struggle in the 1970′s in
the LCMS around biblical inerrancy. Called "The Battle for the Bible in
the LCMS" (February 7, hours 2 and 3, link here), and featuring guest Dr. Paul Zimmerman, the incidents and debates were recounted in a way many people probably have never heard them spoken of before. There are those who would prefer to sweep this entire episode under the carpet, others who would persist in trying to paint this as nothing more than "politics" and continue the lies and fabrications used by the liberals at the time to assure the Missouri Synod that really nothing had changed, just some new ways of saying the same old things. I highly recommend you listen to the interview with Dr. Zimmerman.

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  1. Brian Davis
    February 16th, 2007 at 16:45 | #1

    Rev. McCain.
    After readng this post I downloaded the mp3′s for my iPod and listened to them on my way home.
    I have a few questions regarding the topic discussed:
    1) Was it the faculty from the Springfield school that took over teaching during the beginning of the walk-out? I think Dr. Zimmerman may have mentioned the chronology but I may have missed it, being in my car and all.
    McCain: Most of the students left as well, so there were not many students left, the remaining faculty handled it and they quickly brought in other professors and teachers. I’m not aware of whether or not Springfield profs went to Saint Louis to help or not.
    2) Regarding Dr. Piepkorn, from what I have read online and heard from folk older than myself (I was literally being born in a hospital across the river from St. Louis while all this was happening at Concordia!), he was leaning towards or “in the camp” of those who walked. Would you say that this is an accurate representation? I find Piepkorn a fascinating figure and I’m just curious.
    McCain: There are debates on this point, but most of the Seminex students believe that Piepkorn would have walked out, if he had lived long enough to do so. I think the jury is still out precisely on where Piepkorn would have come down on the issue.
    On a different note, I thought it was pretty funny when Dr. Zimmerman said that many of the protesters walked back across the street to the school cafeteria once their “walk-out” was over!
    McCain: Yes, it was a staged publicity stunt for the media.

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