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Some of My Favorite Blogs

April 25th, 2007
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It was nice recently to be honored by Dr. Gene Edward Veith as being among the top five or so blogs he does read regularly and that makes him think. Everyone I talk to who has a blog site agrees that Gene Edward Veith’s blog is truly one of the best out there, if not the best, for delivering timely and thought-provoking content. I am very hesitant about naming blog sites I read regularly for fear that I will offend folks, so I generally don’t do that, but I’m often asked by readers which blogs I like and my answer is always, "Oh, lots." But, for what it is worth, here are the blog sites I read most often.

1) Cranach.

2) Get Religion.

3) Mere Comments.

4) Evangelical Outpost.

5) Internet Monk.

6) Weedon’s blog.

7) Cwirla’s blog.

8) Incarnatus est.

9) Cyberstones.

10) Northwoods Seelsorger.

11) Aardvark (I award Pastor Walt Snyder the "Cyberbrethren Master of Shameless Self-Promotion Award." Seriously though, Pastor Snyder has worked tirelessly to promote Lutheran blogging and bloggers. He maintains, to my knowledge, the most comprehensive listing of Lutheran blog sites and tries to keep it up to date. So, if you want to read other Lutheran blogs, or blogs that claim to be Lutheran, and a good selection of other fun and interesting blog sites that are not Lutheran, nor claim to be Lutheran, then you will want to check Aardvark’s site for the "uber-list.")

12) Luther at the Movies.

13) Respublica (lots of St. Louis area commentary)

14) Watersblogged.

15) World Magazine blog.

16) Jolly Blogger.

17) Crunchy Con.

Disclaimer: I use Google reader to monitor many, many more, so if your blog site is not listed here, don’t feel bad. It’s just that these are consistently the ones I seem to come back to reading, instead of merely scanning. So, if you are not listed here, please do not feel slighted. If you have a Lutheran blog site and are listed on Aardvark’s master list, I read all your headlines via Google reader. There are a lots of great blog sites out there, these are just the ones I keep coming back to and find particularly thought-provoking and interesting on a consistent basis.

Further disclaimer: I do not "endorse" the contents of any blog site. Reading blog sites is always a "swim at your own risk" situation. Bloggers speak only for themselves, and like me, bloggers are blogging as a stream of consciousness exercise and may change their opinions, from time to time, or day to day, or hour to hour. So, as a friend of mine is fond of saying, as always, your mileage may vary.

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