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Discussion of Church Ceremonies at the BOC Blog

May 16th, 2007
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A good discussion is underway at the Blog of Concord site on Augsburg Confession XV, on Church Ceremonies. In a day when we have some congregations featuring beds in the chancels and sex talks from the pulpit, to congregations that believe the use of Jacobian English is the best way to go from our mouth to God’s ear, it is a lively subject, to say the least, one worthy of our careful consideration. Stop by and add a thought, if you wish.

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  1. Christine
    May 17th, 2007 at 09:37 | #1

    This discussion is striking at the very heart of some things that are troubling me as I have experienced worship with an LCMS congregation over the past couple months.
    Lex credendi, lex orandi has become very important to me as it is lived out and I have to agree that it is a weakness in our day. I am further troubled at what I see happening at the synodical level and wonder what the outcome of the 2007 convention will be.
    The congregation at which I currently worship is using the historic Lutheran liturgy for the most part, incorporating materials from the new Lutheran Service Book and The Lutheran Hymnal. However, The pastor of this congregation maintains that his fidelity is first to the Word insofar as the Missouri Synod continues to uphold it. He also has stated that should the LCMS “move away from the Word” he would encourage his congregation to leave.
    I very much agree with Rev. Cwirla’s assessment that failing to uphold a confessional stance on worship alongside of doctrine is harming the Synod. There is so much confusion across the board.
    Also, the comments:
    I would advocate a uniformity in rite without a rigid uniformity in ceremony. … I fear that much of what passes for “informal” in “contemporary” worship is symptomatic of a discomfort with reverence, awe, and mystery.
    Make a lot of sense. It just seems way too inconsistent to have an LCMS mission church down the road that intentionally minimizes its Lutheran identity and worships in a full-blown evangelical praise style while the church in the neighboring suburb tries to retain some semblance of catholicity.
    The ancient church, east and west very much understood that the law of belief is the law of prayer. Whatever their current weaknesses, Rome and Constantinople still understand that.

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