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Field Report on Pastoral Care Companion

May 26th, 2007
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‘ve been hearing from pastors receiving the Pastoral Care Companion.
This note struck me as particularly helpful, since it explains how a
700+ page book is "just right" after all. (By the way, this same not is
helpful in explaining how we are going to be producing a 1,800+ page
daily prayer resource that will *not* be overwhelming either).

    When you sent out word that the LSB Pastor’s Companion was now
available – and then mentioned that it had *700 pages* and was ONE INCH
THICK … I was really worried. I said to myself, "Self – if it’s going
to be THAT *big* , you might just as well carry around a pocket BIBLE!"
(which I often do). Honestly, I was worried: it sounded WAY too big for
constant, day-to-day use. But I went ahead & ordered one … and it
arrived today. And I was *amazed* : this thing *is* really SMALL ! Just
right for carrying around !! Just for fun, I took a caliper &
measured its thickness: it’s *only* 13/16" thick, or 7/8" at the most -
not an entire INCH. Maybe it’s a "mental image" thing, akin to saying
"$29.99" instead of "Thirty bucks," but … it really ISN’T as big as I
had thought. Not too big, not too little … it really IS "just right."

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  1. Michael Benoit
    May 26th, 2007 at 08:16 | #1

    Pastor McCain,
    Can you tell us more about the daily prayer resource, or direct us to a web page that gives details? This excites me very much.

  2. May 26th, 2007 at 09:23 | #2

    More responses from the field…
    I was pleasantly surprised as to how much you squeezed into such a small book. Much improved over the LW Little Agenda.
    Rev. Lee Wenskay Pastor St.Paul Lutheran Church Pigeon MI
    I agree!! Looks good!
    Paul,I have to second all of the motions on the Pastoral Care Companion.It is an outstanding publication. Got mine on Thursday. THANK YOU!
    From a LCMS chaplain…
    I ordered it over last weekend and I took it to work on Thurs. I have already made 4 hospital calls with it. I am a hospital chaplain at a US Navy hospital. This companion is great. It is like a pastoral theology and a little agenda all rolled into one little book. I agree that it is the right size. We finally recognized anointing as the blessing and gift that it can be to a sick or dying patient. Being sealed with God’s Word is a powerful reminded of his grace. All very good Psalm 1 stuff too. For years I used the LW Little Agenda on hospital and sick calls and I found it too little. I ordered the LBW book of occasional services because they seemed to understand earlier on that a pastor needs a couple more resources at his finger-tips. Good stuff, except of course they play around with the baptismal rite and communion of the sick and homebound. That led me to interpret personal use in the copyright laws pretty liberally and make my own little pastor’s companion blending and adding from all the resources I could find.Now I look like a professional carrying a bonded leather prayerbook to the bedside of the sick and injured. And I had more resources at my fingertips than I could have mined for myself even if I had half a career of ministry to do so. I will go so far to say that if you’re a pastor going o n sick calls on a regular basis, you’ll want this little book. It’s invaluable. That’s my review for what it’s worth. Thanks to you and the whole team for putting this in our hands. I think we have an opportunity to shape the provision of bedside pastoral care and other counseling in a profound way over this next generation of pastors. What a blessing for the Christian church and our synod!
    Pastor Andrew Smith (Chaplain, United States Navy)

  3. James Leistico
    May 26th, 2007 at 10:38 | #3

    I got mine Wednesday, used it Thursday with a parishoner, and on Friday at our Lutheran High School’s graduation. Afterwards three brother pastors came up and drooled over it… they didn’t pre-order. usually I don’t either, I just wait til my next trip to St. Louis. I’m glad I didn’t wait this time!
    Oh, and bravo on the prayers for the pastor in the roman numeral pages

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