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With This Ringing Cash Register, I Thee Wed

July 22nd, 2007
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Great article by Mollie Ziegler-Hemmingway on the wedding-industrial complex. A must read for every pastor, and an article that might be wise to put into the hands of every couple coming to them for pre-marital counseling.

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  1. organshoes
    July 22nd, 2007 at 17:30 | #1

    It’s not just the wedding industry that gets me. Everything that goes into a household has been industrialized and glamorized, from cooking to housekeeping to childrearing to middle aged sex! It seems we can’t know how to do anything without, not just experts, but some kind of ‘star’ telling us how it’s best done.
    So why shouldn’t what (supposedly) precedes that household become part of that scheme?
    We used to call it Madison Avenue-hype. Now it’s more Hollywood-based, I guess.
    Anyways, having been subjected to a few of those brides seeking, not just a wedding ceremony, but their day in the spotlight, I can’t help but wonder how real life will ever hold up after all those months of extravaganza planning and execution. How do they become ‘un-stars’? How do they accept normal, after all that hoopla has been a way of life, for such a long time?
    Or–shudder–do they? Are they now determined to remain the stars of their own lives? I think, at its core, that’s what this wedding business is about; what it has tapped into: the chance to be a star. American Idol, but with no competition.

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