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The Unsung Joys of the Ministry

August 28th, 2007
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Read this post. Such things do not get a lot of "press" these days in church publications. Rather, we are regaled with tales of the newest, latest, greatest programs, movements, techniques, plans, visions, mission statements. We read about honorary degrees, and grand expenditures and national gatherings, conventions, gatherings and the like. How refreshing it is then to read a post like this one from, as the sainted Dr. Barry would describe him, a "GI Joe Pastor." And we all know who always fights the real battles, who stand at the front lines, who lead the charges and who ultimately are used to win the war: the GI Joes! Thanks Brother Engebretson for the wonderful post reminding us all that the ministry of the Church is not measured by vast numbers, by grand plans, by dramatic stories, by emotional events, but by faithfulness, by proclamation of the Gospel, by care for the least of our brethren. What joy to know that this is what is going on, day-in and day-out, across the Missouri Synod. Thanks be to God.

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