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Because It Must Be Said: Part One

September 28th, 2007
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Over the years I’ve
observed as pastors are put out of office unjustly. I do not deny this happens. And that it happens, when it happens, it is a tragedy and a blight on the church.

I have also observed pastors put out of their
office due to their own foolish behavior and malfeasance in office. What is
particularly upsetting to me is that pastors put of office due to their own fault
will, more often than not, attempt to wrap themselves in the flag of
"confessionalism" or "orthdoxy" and claim they are being persecuted.  Such pastors should not expect any sympathy when they fail to call on the sick,
the shut-in and the dying, but instead think they have more important
things to do. When they are cautioned about such behavior and ignore it and persist in it. Well, it’s their own fault when finally they are asked to leave. A recent example: a pastor was asked by a family to visit mom, whom they had to put in a home. He said he would. He didn’t. He was asked again. He said he would. He didn’t. Foolish!

I’m not making this up. This happens, and is happening.
Pastors simply failing to perform the basic duties of their office. I have experienced this first-hand with a pastor who was asked to leave after
he failed to call on a person who was dying, after many requests, and
this was merely one of many examples of this kind of behavior on his part. And recently another pastor who has been warned repeatedly over a good length of time, continues, defiantly, to persist in neglect of his duties.

pastors…you make it very hard for pastors who do face persecution for
being truly faithful, when you, due to your own dumb fault, are asked
to leave. Enough said. And to all the pastors out there who are being faithful, who are performing the duties of your office. Thank you! God bless.

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