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Ridiculing Christianity is Acceptable in the USA

October 30th, 2007
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Imagine the outcry if a blatantly racist photo of whites with blacks was used as cover art on a pop star’s new CD. Or, consider if the photos would show the pop star in various stages of undress with a person portraying the Prophet Muhammad. Or, what if the pop star was featured in jack books and a swastika on the arm herding Jews toward a a death camp train? The howls of protest would deafen us. But, when Briney Spears, the drug/booze addicted tramp poses semi-nude on the lap of a man dressed as a Roman Catholic priest, in a confessional, and sprawls suggestively against a confessional, this is considered appropriate and acceptable in American culture today. What this person lacks in talent, morals, virtue or character, she must now make up for by choosing the most sensational sort of cover album art. And even more pathetic is that the American media gives this attention. Dumb and dumber. Sick and sicker. And the thing most sad of all is that there are some Christians out there who actually believe it is "ok" for them to "enjoy" this kind of visual and auditory raunch and filth. Blind leading the blind. Advice to Christian parents: be sure to monitor what is on your children’s iPods. Check the titles, then look up the lyrics. Better safe than sorry.

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  1. organshoes
    October 30th, 2007 at 22:41 | #1

    Not the attention it craves.
    This isn’t a turn-the-cheek moment. This is a here-I-stand moment: standing against what doesn’t harm me so much as my grandchildren. I’d look at that cover and see nothing I’ve not seen before. But I have a granddaughter, and possible future grandchildren, who don’t need to inherit a culture that reeks.
    No one suggested Britney be stoned; just rejected.

  2. the other David
    October 30th, 2007 at 23:56 | #2

    “What happened to forgiveness and turning the other cheek?”
    John chapter 2 verses 14 thru 16. Contrary to popular secular beliefs Jesus actually got angry. He didn’t cuddle bunnies and frolic thru a field of lilies while reciting poems.
    Turning the other cheek does not mean you become a doormat. Christianity has been the doormat for secular society and other religions forever and I hold out little hope it will ever change since Jesus did say the world hated Him first and we shouldn’t be surprised if they hate us as well. I’d be more concerned if they DIDN’T hate us. The cross of Christ is an offense, just ask Joel Osteen.

  3. wcwirla
    October 31st, 2007 at 10:24 | #3

    Much of today’s so-called “music” industry (an insult to the once venerable art form) is simply the necrotic tissue of a dying culture. Britney’s silly attempts at imitating Madonna’s iconoclasm are too painful to watch much less hear. The real question is when will Protestant Christianity (including all the Lutheran wannbes) realize that the Christian faith is now completely counter-cultural?
    As for forgiveness, where is the repentance?
    As for turning the other cheek, we’ve already seen one too many.

  4. PeteS
    October 31st, 2007 at 10:47 | #4

    “No one suggested Britney be stoned…”
    Hopefully someone has suggested just the opposite to her.

  5. organshoes
    October 31st, 2007 at 12:40 | #5

    PeteS: I didn’t say ‘no one suggested Britney GET stoned.’
    I doubt she waits for anyone else’s suggestion. ;O)

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