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This is not right

November 17th, 2007
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It is November 17th and:

1) I just finished doing the summer yardwork, in a t-shirt and shorts, and worked up a good sweat.
2) I have to cut the grass … again … "one more time" … again. [Actually son #1 and #2 do].
3) I broiled myself today trying to wear a sweatshirt.
4) I stupidly wore my jacket in the car and had to turn the AC on.

The leaves are almost gone, and it still feels like summer around here.

Don’t tell me there is no such thing as global warming!!

Here’s what is going to happen. We are going to go from 68 degrees high, to a big high pressure system bringing cold winds down from Canada, plunging us into the teens, and we are going to be slammed with a big ice storm. Just watch. It will happen. Last time it happened people around here had their power knocked out for up to three or four weeks.


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