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Pit Bull Fans

January 12th, 2008
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Something rather amusing has been happening in the past few months. Apparently, there are a group of rabid Pit Bull lovers (pun intended) who love their aggressive pooches so much that they spend quite a bit of time scouring the Internet looking for anything, that in any way, presents their pups in a less than positive light. I mean, the fact that the beasts have a propensity for tearing people to shreds, particularly young children, notwithstanding, I’ve been told by Pit Bull lovers that they are actually the most gentle and loving animals on God’s green earth! It’s been amusing to me how many comments this blog site has received all because well over two years ago I put up a photo of a fierce dog with a post titled, "Theological Pit Bulls" devoted to a description of a certain breed of Calvinist blogger who apparently spends hours every day attacking any blog site, anywhere, that rejects Calvinism’s T.U.L.I.P. theory. So, now, at least once a week or so, I get the kind of comment recently put here from a pit bull owner decrying my terrible portrayal of their favorite canine. I usually erase them along with the other spam the site gets a lot of. I let one go through so you could see it. It’s pretty funny.

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  1. January 13th, 2008 at 20:38 | #1

    Though not a pit-bull owner (I have no pets at all, in fact), I have read repeatedly, and from seemingly unbiased sources, that the reputation that pit bulls have mainly comes from the way they are trained. You can read the Wikipedia article on them to learn about various facts regarding their behavior and physiology and judge for yourself (e.g. “The American Temperament Testing Society gives the American Pit Bull Terrier breed a pass percentage of 84.1%. The average of all breeds is 81.5%”). But I don’t think that comment was all that humorous.

  2. January 19th, 2008 at 21:43 | #2

    I find that pitbul owners are always defending how gentle and loving their dogs are, yadda-yadda-yadda. I don’t understand the appeal? There are plenty of other dogs out there that don’t have the reputation of tearing children to shreds that are also gentle and loving. Pitbulls aren’t even remotely cute! They aren’t fluffy, not regal looking, not wrinkly, not any quality that makes them particularly cute. Get another dog.
    BTW I was attacked by a Scottish Terrier when I was a child. It is a miracle that my eye remained sighted! Even though we have a Siberian husky– a handsome and fluffy breed, not to mention extremely cute; and which is a breed known to be friendly with children– a dog is a dog is a dog and I don’t leave her unattended with small children.

  3. organshoes
    January 21st, 2008 at 09:21 | #3

    Regardless of any ratings (and who is the American Temperament Testing Society, pray tell? Guess I could google them…), there is the reputation to consider, and there are published stories as well. While none of those are necessarily accurate or even wholly true–stories or reputations–most people in the market for a dog would consider such things, and consider another breed, of which there is nearly no end. People are always ‘making statements’ about themselves in their choices of breed of dog. Why not so in the case of choosing a pitbull, and in choosing to so defend it?
    I suspect something to be afoot that is more personality-driven; an inclination to go against the grain, or to simply rattle cages.
    There’s no better way of demonstrating one’s hardheadedness and inner aggression towards society and social norms, than by defending and proclaiming the pitbull.
    In other words, I suspect one defends one’s own personality–whether aggressive, passive-aggressive, or deliberately obtuse–in defending the pitbull.
    Same with the theological pitbull: he relies on the unrelenting strength of his defense, rather than on the truth of his argument.

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