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Concordia: The Electronic Edition—Sneak Preview

February 9th, 2008 6 comments

Coming soon to a certain publishing house, near you, Concordia: The Lutheran Confessions—The Digital Edition. We are not taking orders yet for it. We anticipate that we will have it in stock and ready for purchase in early April.

Last week I spent several hours giving the electronic edition of Concordia a shake-down cruise and— wow—is it nice! The folks at Logos have done a terrific job. Every single cross reference in the book, either to the Confessions or Scripture, is hyperlinked, the search functionality is awesome, and of course, if you add this to whatever existing Libronix system library you have installed on your computer, you can keyword link to your heart’s delight.

Another great feature is that when you search on a word or phrase, or any sort of search at all, by displaying the search results in concordance mode you can easily distinguish between the text proper of the Confessions and the notes, introductions, annotations, etc. throughout the book.

On what computers will it work? All PC systems and any Mac that has an Intel processor with a Windows operating system running. On my Macs, I use Parallels and Windows XP. If you can’t dedicate at least two gigs of memory to VISTA, I strongly discourage using VISTA on a Mac. On the other hand, Windows XP with one gig allocated to it really flies
and the Logos system performs very quickly. In fact, I was talking to
Logos on the phone and we were working on some things together and the
tech on the other end of the phone line was amazed at how fast my
MacBook Pro was booting into Windows and running. She said, "Yea, we’ve
noticed here that all the Macs run Windows a lot faster than the PCs we
have." Smile.

One more comment, apparently there are some people who think that the LOGOS software costs hundreds of dollars. No, in fact every LOGOS enabled product comes as a stand-alone item, which will install the software on your computer you need to search and use the book you’ve bought. So, in this case, you would pay around $29.99 for the electronic edition of Concordia and the LOGOS system is installed on your computer for you to use the Concordia edition.

Here are a few screen of the electronic edition to whet your appetite. Click on the image for a sharper image.


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Calmly Confident: A Blessed Lent to You

February 6th, 2008 1 comment

As you journey to the Cross and Open Tomb this Lenten season may this time of prayer, fasting and almsgiving be a time of repentance and renewal as you fix your eyes on the Priceless Treasure, our Jesus, purest source of pleasure, truest friend indeed!

I ran across this quote from Luther today while I was working on a project and thought it was an appropriate one as we move into Lent.

Let us be calmly confident in this cause which has to do with God’s word. Christ, whose cause it is, will staunchly defend and uphold it against the cunning of the vile devil and the tyranny of the wicked and deceitful world. For those who confess him before this evil and adulterous generation and must suffer much thereby, Christ in turn will confess them before his heavenly Father and requite them for their suffering with the delights of eternity [Matt. 10:32]. God himself says, I Samuel 2 [:30], “He who honors me, I will honor.” Even if the waves of the sea are strong and huge billows rise up and roar furiously as though they would drown us, the Lord is still on high and has begun a kingdom as wide as the world which he now rules and has decreed that it shall endure. He is greater, yes, almighty, and he will accomplish it. Amen. There is no other way—if we desire to possess Christ, to live and to rule with him in eternity, then suffering must first be endured. Because this is so, why should we heed the rage and fury of such deadly powers, of whom Psalm 2 [:4] says God in heaven laughs at them and holds them in derision. If the eternal and omnipotent emperor whose name is God and who lives to all eternity mocks and derides them, why should we fear them, or mourn and weep? Truly, God does not mock them in his own defense. He will always be the one dwelling in heaven no matter how they rage against him. But he mocks them to encourage us, so that we may take heart and bravely laugh at their onslaughts. Therefore the only thing necessary for us to do is to believe and to pray most confidently in Christ’s name that God will give us strength, since he has erected his kingdom and this is his doing. It is he who without our help, counsel, thought, or effort has brought his kingdom forth and has advanced and preserved it to this day. I have no doubt that he will consummate it without our advice or assistance. Because “I know in whom I believe,” as St. Paul says [II Tim. 1:12], I am certain that he will grant me more, do far more abundantly, and help and counsel us beyond all that we ask or think [Eph. 3:20]. He is called the Lord who can and will help in a wonderful, glorious, and mighty way, particularly when the need is the greatest. We are meant to be human beings, not divine. So let us take comfort in his word and, trusting his promise, call upon him confidently for deliverance in time of distress and he will help. That is all there is to it; we have no alternative; otherwise, eternal unrest would be our reward. May God save us from that for the sake of his dear Son, our Savior and eternal Priest, Jesus Christ. Amen.
Source: Luther’s Works, 43:176.

Is it a sin not to vote?

February 5th, 2008 33 comments

People who do not vote have no right to complain about any government official, ever. Period. End of story.

Did you vote today? I almost did not. Then I realized that not voting is a sin. Why do I say that? Because our vote is our way of being good citizens. It is a sin against the fourth commandment if we fail to vote, when this is our right under the government God has given us. Not to mention the fact that if you can’t get your lazy self to your voting place, when there are countless people around the world who literally die for the right to vote, or never have that right, and that there have been hundred of thousands of your fellow Americans who have made the ultimate sacrifice to keep you free and to preserve your right to vote, well, then…I do not know what to say to you other than: repent.

Do you agree? Is it a sin not to vote?

Why, or why not?

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Nine more months of this?

February 5th, 2008 3 comments

As I scan blog sites and notice the deluge of posts on the upcoming presidential election, which is nine months away — nine months! — I’m moved simply to say, "Somebody, please, make it stop!"

How are we supposed to put up with nine more months of this? We’ve already heard all that the candidates are going to say. Yes, we know that they will bring in the kind of change that will transform this nation and lead us once again into the future as the greatest nation on earth. Yes, we know they have the solution for every problem that we face. Yes, we all know they are the ones who will bring change. Yes, we all know that each candidate has the best ideas in the world about how to change the world. In other words, I’m bored beyond my ability to describe it. I’ve heard all this ridiculous rhetoric before.

Do we really have to drone on about all of this for nine more months? Can’t we just have the election next week and be done with it? As I read the fever-pitch tone of all the blog posts talking about politics, a Bible verse keeps going through my mind:

"Do not trust in princes, in mortal man, in whom there is no salvation" (Psalm 146:3).

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My Dog and His Friend

February 1st, 2008 Comments off

My dog, Sunny, is a little lap dog, a Bichon Frise, but he has absolutely no awareness of his size. One of his neighborhood friends is a huge St. Bernard, named, "Mini." Well, this is a photo of the two dogs after they finally took a break from playing with each other, Sunny chasing around Mini in circles. Snow days apparently are not just for human children. We got about ten inches at our house and Sunny loves it. Here is a closer view of Sunny after he finished rolling his face in the snow, followed by a shot of him resting after a romp with his big friend.



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