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Concordia: The Digital Edition with a BIG bonus feature

April 24th, 2008
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A friend recently pointed something out to me which I was aware of but rather stupidly had not connected the dots with. The Libronix digital edition of Concordia: The Lutheran Confessions comes not only with the Book of Concord, but includes along with it the Libronix edition of the English Standard Version, which Crossway kindly permitted us to include on the CD, for free. That’s a $39.99 value, the going price for the English Standard Version in Libronix! So, when you buy the Concordia Edition, you receive not only the BOC, but the English Standard Version translation as well. Resources with a total price of $70 for only $29.99 or even less if you are a rostered church worker. Cool deal, huh? Want one?

And one more thing: if you do not already have the Libronix software on your computer, this product will install it for you, and install the Book of Concord and the Bible.

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