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Digital Book of Concord and Digital ESV Bible: $20

May 20th, 2008
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Please be sure to take advantage of a limited-time offer from Concordia Publishing House. Get the Concordia edition of the Book of Concord *and* the complete ESV Bible in digital/computer format for only $19.99. This is a self-contained product and installs the software you need to run it on your computer, the Libronix system. It works on PCs and Macs running the Parallels or Bootcamp software. Pass the word on to the Lutheran blogosphere. This price is good from May 19-June 1.

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  1. Jim
    May 20th, 2008 at 13:38 | #1

    Just curious – why the ESV, why only the ESV?
    Are there plans to make an ESV/CPH Study Bible (print or digital)?
    Greetings Jim,
    Thanks for your questions. I’ll also post this response on my blog, but wanted to make sure you have it, hence the e-mail.
    The English Standard Version is the translation of the Bible used throughout Concordia: The Lutheran Confessions, hence the version on the Libronix version. Crossway very kindly granted us permission to include on the disk.
    And, yes, there is in the works right now THE LUTHERAN STUDY BIBLE. Keep an eye on my blog, for I’ll be posting an official press release about it, hopefully tomorrow.
    It will use the ESV.
    Why ESV?
    This is the translation of choice for our church’s new hymnal and all related worship materials, and CPH is making use of ESV now, and has been for several years, in all our resources.
    And why is that?
    For detailed reasons why this translation was chosen, please refer to the LCMS web site, the Commission on Worship’s page, which offers the materials distributed over the years on Bible translations.
    Hope all this helps!
    Thanks for asking and for your interest.
    God bless richly!
    Paul McCain

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