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The Lutheran Study Bible

May 23rd, 2008
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For Immediate Release


Saint Louis, MO – Concordia Publishing House will release The Lutheran Study Bible in October 2009. The Lutheran Study Bible
is the first study Bible in English to be developed from the ground-up
with notes that are “exclusively and distinctively Lutheran.”

The Lutheran Study Bible
includes more than 26,500 study notes, including over 2,000 application
notes and prayers for every part of the Bible; over 80,000 center
column cross-references and 900 cross-references to 120 full or
half-page maps, charts, and diagrams; and more than 220 articles and
introductions to biblical books and topics. The Lutheran Study Bible
notes were prepared by Lutheran theologians, scholars, and pastors from
12 Lutheran church bodies. “We are excited to offer all
English-speaking Christians a study Bible that offers such a comforting
and powerful Christ-centered understanding of the Scriptures,” shares
Rev. Paul T. McCain, Publisher and Executive Director of Editorial for
CPH. “As the Lutheran Reformers put it, Christ and His Gospel is the
unspeakable treasure that alone opens the door to the entire Bible.”

The Lutheran Study Bible
uses the English Standard Version® translation, one of the fastest
growing translations worldwide and considered to be one of the most
precise English translations available. “TLSB is a truly unique
offering in the study Bible ‘market’,” says Gretchen Jameson, CPH’s
Corporate Communications manager, “it combines a personal, devotional,
and practical application approach to Bible reading, alongside solid
scholarly study notes. There is, quite simply, nothing else like it
available today.”

Detailed information about the unique features of The Lutheran Study Bible will be online at cph.org/lutheranbible in October 2008.

The Lutheran Study Bible is available for Internet pre sale in March 2009.   

For more information about this news release, please email publicity@cph.org

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  1. Rev. Todd Schroeder
    May 23rd, 2008 at 11:58 | #1

    It’s about time. I don’t care for the NIV Study Bible. This should be a great addition to the recently released readers guide to the Book of Concord. Great job CPH! Keep up with the solid confessional materials!

  2. May 23rd, 2008 at 12:57 | #2

    Sounds very cool! I’m looking forward to seeing it. One question though…
    Will the publication of the Lutheran Study Bible mean the end of publication of the Concordia Self-Study Bible?

  3. Weslie Odom
    May 23rd, 2008 at 12:58 | #3

    This is very interesting. Is CPH able to release the names of the 12 Lutheran bodies that were involved in the process?

  4. May 23rd, 2008 at 13:14 | #4

    Not for 17 months! Why do you tease us this way?! *cries*
    Seriously, though, this is great news. I’m looking forward to it. =)

  5. Ben George
    May 23rd, 2008 at 15:39 | #5

    You mentioned on a previous post that this book would include all the scriptural references of the 1534 Luther Bible… Will it include (I hope!!!) the Apocrypha?
    This Catholic is looking forward to it either way.

  6. Brian Westgate
    May 23rd, 2008 at 19:40 | #6

    I understand why ESV, since LSB uses it, but wouldn’t it be awesome if it were an English translation of Luther’s Bible? Then again, Luther might not like that. . . .

  7. Bob Myers
    May 23rd, 2008 at 20:24 | #7

    Brian said, …”but wouldn’t it be awesome if it were an English translation of Luther’s Bible?”
    Rev. McCain, thanks for allowing us to comment on your site and also for allowing us to “volunteer” you for additional work!

  8. Clint Hoff
    May 24th, 2008 at 07:37 | #8

    Pastor McCain,
    Is there any way that the new Lutheran Bible could contain the Daily Lectionary (from LSB) and the Psalm reading schedule (also from LSB)? I am weary of always having to open two books (hymnal, bible) to do my daily devotions. Thanks.

  9. Rev. Allen Bergstrazer
    May 24th, 2008 at 09:15 | #9

    Hope this study Bible will get closer to what I’ve been praying for for years; that we would have a study Bible which at the very least cross references to the small Catechism, and better major articles of the confessions.
    Speaking of prayer, we ought do so for those preparing such important works for the church. Pray that God the Holy Spirit would counsel them to clarity, accuracy and truth.

  10. Craig
    May 25th, 2008 at 00:38 | #10

    This will certainly be a great recourse. I wonder if it will have the Apocrypha or a version with it. The Book of Revelation is impossible to understand without cross referencing the sub-canonical Apocrypha. Anyway it sounds like the next big works from CPH will be a Genesis to Revelation multi volume scholarly commentary for the lay theologian on the ESV. Then a new Dogmatic Theology with today’s issues addressed and translations to all the Hebrew, Greek, Latin and German terms that the author assumes the reader knows. Thanks for your efforts on this exciting publication.

  11. Christina Janice
    May 25th, 2008 at 20:12 | #11

    This is such exciting news! Thank you! Will there be an electronic version available as well?

  12. Rev. Joel Kuhl
    June 3rd, 2008 at 14:31 | #12

    I was wondering about some of the physical properties of this version:
    1) Will there be a nice leather bound, hand stitched edition with large margins (over 1″ of space) for those of us who would like to input more notes as we come across them?
    Leather: Yes.
    Wide margin: No. [size would be unmanageable]
    2) Will there be an electronic version with this, including the Lutheran notes?
    Thanks, and keep up the faithful work.

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