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Christian Spirituality for Today: Grace Upon Grace

May 30th, 2008
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Please don't miss this new book. This is a powerful study of Christian spirituality with solid, pastoral advice, direction, suggestions and guidance for understanding what "spirituality" is all about for the Christians. With all the dreck floating out there purportedly offering help for Christians to have a fuller, richer spiritual life, this book "delivers the goods" — anchoring you in Christ and His gifts. You are going to love this book.

"Christian spirituality is, quite simply, following Jesus. It is the ordinary life of faith in which we receive Baptism, attend the Divine Service, participate in the Holy Supper, read the Scriptures, pray for ourselves and others, resist temptation, and work with Jesus in our given location here on earth." – from the Introduction of Grace Upon Grace: Spirituality for Today by John Kleing

The longing for spiritual fulfillment, inevitably paired with spiritual frustration, is common among Christians.

    * Do we read and study the Bible enough?
    * Do we worship often and in the right way?
    * Do we pray enough, in the correct way, and for the right things?
    * How do we become truly spiritual?

And the answers from numerous self-help spirituality books only lead to confusion and the fear of missing key steps on the road to becoming spiritual.

In response, John W. Kleinig clarifies that there is no process for becoming spiritual. Instead, God graciously gives to us every spiritual gift that we need, beginning with the very gift of faith in Christ, our Savior. Because God has joined us to Christ, He continually comes to give us life. This book offers good, solid, pastoral advice, wisdom and direction for people looking to recover the classic resources of Christian spirituality.

About the Author

Rev. Dr. John Kleinig

About the author:  The Reverend Dr. John Kleinig is author of Leviticus (Concordia Commentary Series, Concordia Publishing House, 2003). Dr. Kleinig serves as lecturer and dean of chapel at Australian Lutheran College in North Adelaide, South Australia.

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