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How To Subscribe to Growing in Christ Podcasts in iTunes

May 31st, 2008
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OK, I admit it. I do not use podcasts, but I know I should. I've never bothered to learn how. I use my iPods only to listen to music, but I have no excuse why I've not used them to listen to podcasts on my commute. Thanks to for instructions on how to listen to the Growing in Christ podcasts in iTune. My understanding is that once you set this up in iTunes it will automatically grab a new podcast, and when you sync your iPod, the Podcast will be downloaded to you iPod. (My apologies to those shaking their heads over such "obvious" information!).

Copy the Podcast address
(i.e. http://cph.podshowcreator.com/feed.aspx?feedid=1904) and open
iTunes. In iTunes, go to Advanced on the taskbar, select “Subscribe to
Podcast…” and paste the address there. The podcast will show up in your
podcast tab on the left.

Here is Apple's information page on podcasts and iTunes, and if you dig around a bit you find this important statement:

Not in the Store? Not a problem..

If while surfing the
web, you ever come across a podcast that you can’t find in the iTunes
Music Store, here’s an easy way to subscribe to it anyway. From the
Advanced menu, choose “Subscribe to Podcast…” and enter the podcast
feed URL. iTunes will subscribe you to the podcasts and begin
downloading immediately.

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  1. Steve Newell
    June 1st, 2008 at 06:31 | #1

    Before Issues Etc was canceled, Todd Wilken would interview Pam on Thursday at 3 pm on how to teach a Sunday School lesson using CPH’s materials.
    As for pod casting, Issues Etc is a great resource for down loading onto am MP3 player and computer to listen to past broadcast. This is one on the greatest resources of LCMS teachings available in an MP3 formate. I have found listening to old programs as a great source for teaching.
    I know that Christians around the world used IE’s archived programs as a means of teaching the Christian faith from a Reformation prespective.
    Pod casting is to our day what the printing press was to Luther’s day. It is a great tool to getting the message out.
    [McCain: The Issues, etc. archives can be accessed by clicking on the "Lutheran Audio Archive" link in the column on the left side of this page.]

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