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Pastors Love Talking About Jesus with People

July 12th, 2008
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People ask me why pastors love being pastors. You’ll get a lot of answers to that question, but at the heart of it all is this simple truth: they like talking, to people, about Jesus. You do not have to be a pastor to do that, of course, but if you want this thought to consume every possible waking moment of your life, in a variety of ways that you can not even begin possibly to imagine, then being a pastor is for you.

Please notice carefully what I said: pastors love talking, to people, about Jesus. I was telling a friend this morning about my professor, Robert Preus, and the infectious joy he took in theology. I asked him once, “Dr. Preus, why do you love theology so much?” And he gave me the answer he gave to anyone who asked him that question, “I just love talking about God.”

Here is a beautiful story told by one of our pastors. Everything we do in the Church must be aimed at conversations like this: telling the good news about Jesus. Everything. That means, we study God’s Word, hard and long. We rejoice in doctrine. We love the Lord’s truth. We love His sacraments. We love His Church. The more of that we soak that all up, the more we love telling the good news about Jesus. It’s all about Jesus. Thank you, Pastor Iovine.

Early this morning, I went hospital-hopping.

I came upon a man who was crying outside of the hospital.

His wife died this morning after a two year bout with ovarian cancer

Doctors tried everything, he said, but the cancer was just too aggressive.

Even though she was given the “3 month” death sentence, she fought like a trooper.

She went to work and jogged as much as she could, but when the cancer made her too weak, she stopped.

This past week, she was in bad pain. Doctors tried to fight the pain
the best way they could, but she just kept getting worse. Doctors gave
her a couple of days on Thursday.

She held on until this morning.

This young man, only 29, had met his wife seven years ago after
returning from college. He said that they were as complete opposites as
two people could be. She was athletic, loved to bike ride, hike, ski,
and snowboard. She was very outgoing and could spend hours out with
friends bar hopping and having fun. She loved basketball — not to play
it, but to watch it. She loved the Nets and “had a crush” on Vince
Carter. He was her polar opposite — overweight, shy, loved video games,
had a daily date to watch the Mets on TV, enjoyed a good bottle of
Chardonnay, couldn’t stand staying out late and loved to work on cars.

He said the weird thing was when they introduced the other to
friends and family — he said they all had the same expression on their
faces: “What does she see in him?”

I asked him about their attraction. He said it was simple:

They loved to just talk.

Whether they had a good day or a bad day, they talked for hours.
They’d meet in an out of the way place to just talk. Hours would go by
and they would not be tired of spending this quality time with the
other person.

He said they both realized there was something between them when
they were at Playland in Rye, New York (one of my old haunts) getting
ready to go on the Dragon Coaster. She was slightly taller than him and
she made a joke that he should check to see if he was tall enough go on
the ride. He responded by telling her that she had to put on a hardhat
because tall people had a greater chance of hitting one of the beams
that pieced together the roller coaster. They laughed and they just

A year later, they were married.

And they were happy.

I could see in his eyes that talking about his wife helped him. For
the next twenty or so minutes, we just talked about their lives
together. And we talked about the “what’s next” when we die. I spoke of
Christ and the salvation we have through Him.

After we talked, his tears stopped. I told him that I would pray for him.

As I got close to the front door, he called to me and asked me if I
would perform his wife’s funeral ceremony. While they were both
Christian — he is Methodist, she was Roman Catholic — they both hadn’t
attended church for many years. I told him that I would. He said that
if she had known me, she would approve.

He turned and went to the parking lot to go home and meet family. I just stood there.

Tears welled up in my eyes.

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  1. July 12th, 2008 at 14:46 | #1

    What a wonderful story!

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  3. July 13th, 2008 at 17:47 | #3

    I’m caught contrasting this story with one I got in my email inbox this week. A friend’s father-in-law is in hospice care, and her husband finds himself unable to comfort this poor man who is near death, in doubt, and despairing of his life, which he feels lacks appropriate service to the Lord, and isn’t “good enough.” See, my friend and her husband feel that there is no “fruit” in their father’s life, no growth that they can measure and point to prove his salvation. Although they are Christian, they claim no comfort in their own baptisms, nor in the father’s baptism. And so, there is not much they can say to their father.
    I wish I could send Pastor Iovine to this man’s bedside!

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