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In the Bunker: My Visit to Issues, Etc.

September 29th, 2008
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Todd and Jeff kindly asked me to spend some time with them and their listeners for the next seven weeks, Mondays from 3:30-4:00, central time, talking about the Lutheran Confessions. Something I love to do.

It was great to see them and to be back on Issues, Etc. again. Their "bunker" as they refer to their small, but extremely well equipped studio and offices, is a great venue for them. The sound quality is extremely high. This is a first-class "new media" operation. If you haven't listened yet to the new Issues, Etc. I heartily recommend you do. And if you care to hear what I had to say today, here, and here, is where you can listen.

From the photo below, obviously, you can see I dressed up for the occasion. Todd and Jeff and Craig? Well, life in the bunker is a bit tough for them. I was happy to bring down some provisions. The climb down to the bunker is a killer. The security search before they let you in is a tad, well, uncomfortable. The retinal scan and fingerprinting was a bit much. But all in all, it was well worth the trip.

Todd & Paul McCain

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  1. September 30th, 2008 at 06:46 | #1

    Great picture. As soon as I saw the episodes in my iTunes I marked them for download. Will likely listen on the drive to my next teaching gig this week.

  2. Bob Myers
    September 30th, 2008 at 18:33 | #2

    Great sessions, I was able to listen today while driving. I’ll be making a “playlist” of your series on the Lutheran Confessions (the series that Issues,Etc. does are a favorite format of mine), and we plan to listen to the St. Michael interview tomorrow evening with our grandson. He has many questions about angels, and this will help. Thanks!

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