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Don’t Take My Word For It: Praise for the Treasury of Daily Prayer

October 30th, 2008
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This review by Frank G. is very typical of the remarks, observations and thank-you notes we are getting about the Treasury of Daily Prayer. The rest of this post are Frank's comments:

The Treasury Of Daily Prayer

Yesterday afternoon my Treasury of Daily Prayer arrived at the shop. Wow!

I’d seen all the press on the blogs, heard all the radio ads from folks
I love to hear preach like Cwirla and Weedon, and I’ve seen the endless
promotion by Rev. McCain over at Cyberbrethren but I just thought it
was all too good to be true.

I’m here to say that all the hype…. was well deserved and it was earned in spades.

tried for years to put together a resource from a patchwork of
devotional books, Scripture and sermons, hymnals, and everything else I
could get my hands on to use a devotional resource. The problem with
using a patchwork of items is that not everything always seed to fit
together perfectly for ease of use while maintaining the level of
theological depth that my missus and I look for.

It’s all here
in one book; Psalms, Scripture readings, canticles, hymns, the orders
of the day like Matins, Vespers, Compline, and morning and evening
prayers, the Small Catechism and readings from the Lutherans
Confessions as well as the historic Church fathers. It’s… all… there!

longer will I be wanting as the Treasury of Daily Prayer exceeded my
every expectation. Do yourself a favor folks, give it a try. I told my
missus last night that this is the finest thing CPH has ever put out
and needs to be on every person’s desk whether they be layperson or
clergy; it doesn’t matter. I said that last night and I’m saying it
again now, get this book; it is the very best daily devotional resource
I’ve ever seen.

Click here and order yours now.

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  1. October 30th, 2008 at 09:30 | #1

    Rev. McCain, It’s OK to use my last name, Gillespie, as I now list it at POTF.
    For everybody else, I’ve never promoted anything on my blog before but the Treasury Of Daily Prayer is deserving of every bit of praise and I hope everybody gives it a try!

  2. Jen
    October 30th, 2008 at 12:31 | #2

    Mine is on my elusive FedEx truck. I’m sitting by the window listening for it’s low-frequency engine noise to approach. This is torture.

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