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The Lutheran Study Bible Update

May 23rd, 2009
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611px-lutherroseI have several things to update you on about The Lutheran Study Bible. Cover materials have been finalized and chosen for The Lutheran Study Bible. The regular hardback editions will be bound in the same burgundy materials as Lutheran Service Book Hymnal. The genuine and bonded leather materials have been chosen. The genuine leather will be a nice matte black and burgundy leather, which will take gold foil imprinting very nicely. The bonded will be offered in black and burgundy as well. We’ve settled on the size of the larger print edition. It is going to be about a 7.5 x 10 book, so we could get the type size noticeably larger than the regular print edition. We will be sending a good printed sample of the difference in type size so everyone can give it a good look and make their choice. Me? I’m going with the larger print edition. I suspect a *lot* will opt for the larger print. We will see. The final files of the whole Bible were sent to the printer on Friday, and all has cleared what we call “preflight” in which the printer takes the files and checks to make sure all is formatted correctly. The next step is for the printer to make the printer’s proof and return it to us. We should be on press and printing by the end of June. Signature sewing and bind up, then binding, will take a number of more weeks. The regular and larger print editions are being printed in two different facilities. The large promotional kit will be mailed out toward the end of July which will contain a whole host of helps and aids to help Lutheran congregations promote the Bible and receive orders for it. The pre-publication prices are in effect through October 31, but it will be wise to gather and send in orders as quickly as possible. Deliveries of Bibles will be first come, first served. From the volume of questions and interest and pre-orders we are receiving, we anticipate a very large response and many orders and are trying to anticipate that with our first print run. But once we run out of the first print run, we are out again for up to twelve weeks due to paper supply and manufacturing schedules, so….word to the wise, don’t hesitate to get your order in. The promotional mailing is going out to all Lutheran congregations in the USA, over 20,000. Remember: your best source of information on the new Bible is http://www.cph.org/lutheranbible You may view samples there. And be sure to tell others about this Facebook Group and invite them to join. Don’t forget the Twitter feed, daily notes from The Lutheran Study Bible: http://www.twitter.com/lutheranbible

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  1. Christine
    May 24th, 2009 at 16:02 | #1

    Pastor McCain, will the new LSB include the shorter forms of daily prayer that are included in the Concordia pew ESV Bible?


  2. May 24th, 2009 at 16:08 | #2

    No, it doesn’t.

  3. Chad Thompson
    May 26th, 2009 at 10:12 | #3

    Two questions:

    1) How big is the ‘regular print’ edition going to be? I’m noting that the larger print 7.5 x 10 is roughly the size of Concordia and the Treasury of Daily Prayer (a quick ‘guess’, as I don’t have a ruler handy..) – will the regular print edition be significantly smaller?

    2) I’ve already pre-ordered a regular size; is it easy to change my pre-order to the large print edition if I decide to go that route?


  4. May 26th, 2009 at 13:33 | #4

    The regular edition will be 9-point type, 8 point notes. Size: 6 1/2″ x 9 1/4″ The larger print is close to 11 point type in the main text, and ten in the notes.

    It is easy to change your order, just call 800-325-3040 and our Customer Service Representatives will be happy to help you out and change your order.

    If you even think you will want the larger print, I would say…go for it. Your eyes will thank you.

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