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The Missing Missing Link

May 23rd, 2009
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fossilman1As per the usual, the mass media picked up and ran with a story recently declaring that “the missing link has been found!” thus “proving” Darwin’s theories that man descended from the apes. And, as per the usual, the mass media is wrong. Answers in Genesis has a nice page of quotations from prominent scientists worldwide poo-pooing the media hype. For example, and this is typical of the reaction of reputable scientists:

“On the whole I think the evidence is less than convincing,” said Chris Gilbert, a paleoanthropologist at Yale University. “They make an intriguing argument but I would definitely say that the consensus is not in favor of the hypothesis they’re proposing.” . . .

“The PR campaign on this fossil is I think more of a story than the fossil itself,” said anthropologist Matt Cartmill of Duke University in North Carolina. “It’s a very beautiful fossil, but I didn’t see anything in this paper that told me anything decisive that was new.”

Most experts agree that the find is significant, if only for its impressive degree of completeness, but some were put off by the bells and whistles that went along with the publicity campaign around Ida. . . .

“It’s not a missing link, it’s not even a terribly close relative to monkeys, apes and humans, which is the point they’re trying to make,” [Carnegie Museum of Natural History curator of vertebrate paleontology Chris] Beard said.

And then I stumbled across this bit of fun today. HT: Sacred Sandwich

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  1. Sue Kreft
    May 24th, 2009 at 01:13 | #1

    Interesting article. And I loved the link!

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