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The Prayer of Prayers: The Lord’s Prayer

July 17th, 2009
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There is no finer prayer for Christians to pray than the prayer Christ Himself has taught us. It has the command, example and promise of the Lord Himself, unlike any other prayer. So, when a friend, or a relative, asks you how to pray, give them the Lord’s Prayer. The Large Catechism puts matters very well, about the real and original “Jesus prayer,” our Lord’s Prayer, which He has given to us:

We should be moved and drawn to prayer. . . God expects us and He Himself arranges the words and form of prayer for us. He places them on our lips for how and what we should pray [Psalm 51:15], so that we may see how heartily He pities us in our distress [Psalm 4:1], and we may never doubt that such prayer is pleasing to Him and shall certainly be answered. 23 This ‹the Lord’s Prayer› is a great advantage indeed over all other prayers that we might compose ourselves. For in our own prayers the conscience would ever be in doubt and say, “I have prayed, but who knows if it pleases Him or whether I have hit upon the right proportions and form?” Therefore, there is no nobler prayer to be found upon earth than the Lord’s Prayer. We pray it daily [Matthew 6:11], because it has this excellent testimony, that God loves to hear it. We ought not to surrender this for all the riches of the world. 24 The Lord’s Prayer has also been prescribed so that we should see and consider the distress that ought to drive and compel us to pray without ceasing [1 Thessalonians 5:17]. For whoever would pray must have something to present, state, and name, which he desires. If he does not, it cannot be called a prayer.

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