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Trouble in the Antiochian Orthdox Church?

July 19th, 2009
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OutlookThere have been a relatively small handful of LCMS pastors who have, very publicly, swum the Bosporus to join Eastern Orthoxy. A number of these converts have chosen the Antiochian Orthodox Church, for a variety of reasons, but I suspect one reason above all, even if they would not admit it, is the AOC’s eagerness to receive converts from other church’s clergy and lay membership rolls and make priests out of non-Orthodox clergy at a speed that would make a Baptist Bible college blush. It is a well known fact that the AOC has been very aggresive in pursuing members from other churches, clergy and lay members alike.

As part of the reasons cited for leaving, we heard former LCMS extolling the virtues of the Antiochian Orthodox Church, in what can only be described as starry-eyed naivete, even while they were severely criticizing their own church body, turning a blind-eye to what many of us warned them was no bed of roses in the AOC. Now however the simmering tensions and problems in the AOC have erupted into what now is even getting the attention of the media, never a good thing, to be sure.  Here is the story.

This is a tragedy for Christians in this church, and I hope and pray that those who were misled to think they were entering into some sort of ecclesiastical promised land are not so disheartened by all this mess that they leave the Church. We pray that Satan will not have his way with those who are discouraged by these events.

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