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Luther’s Best Book, and He Said So Himself

October 23rd, 2009
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Rev. Dr. Benjamin Mayes shared this quote from Luther, we were both interested and a bit amused by Luther’s typical gushing enthusiasm, and of course his high praise for the work of an editor did not go unnoticed!

The Herr Doctor often took this book [his sermons on John 14–17] to church with him and liked to read in it. As I and others heard from his own mouth at table, this was the best book he had written, “though I did not write it,” he said, “but Dr. Caspar Cruciger showed his deep understanding and great diligence in [editing] it. After the [translation of the] Holy Bible, this should be [esteemed as] my most worthy and precious book.” (LW 69:8)

[Johann Mathesius, Historien von des Ehrwirdigen in Gott Seligen thewren Manns Gottes, Doctoris Martini Luthers, anfang, lehr, leben, und sterben (Nürnberg: Johann von Berg, 1566), in Georg Loesche, ed., Johannes Mathesius: Ausgewahlte Werke (Prag: Calve, 1898), 3:262. Cf. LW 24:x; WA 28:34.]

Submitted by Benjamin Mayes, managing editor for the new volumes of Luther’s Works. Volume 69 of Luther’s Works was recently released by CPH.

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