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Why I Like to Not Like Twitter

December 28th, 2009
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Just read a very important and very honest assessment of why Twitter generally stinks, but what keeps a lot of us using it. You may enjoy reading it too. I can only but give a hearty “Yes and amen” to this post. I really enjoy Twitter for the sake of the quick news/information I can get it from it, sent directly to my cell phone as text message, most importantly, my morning weather forcast. Yes, that’s the best thing about Twitter: quick and easy weather updates. The rest? Not so much. But do ahead and read the article, see what you think. Here’s an excerpt:

Twitter, while based on the same premise, sends us back to our teenage blogging years. Many personal Twitter accounts have deteriorated into conversations between friends that would be better left to texting or calling, rants about life, and, very occasionally, a 140-character versions of “deep”-ish thought. What, exactly, is this contributing to the online social world? Does it really have any value? It probably doesn’t. Tweeting, as a friend recently tweeted (there’s some irony for you), has become a socially acceptable way to talk to ourselves. Keeping these inane, silly thoughts to ourselves simply isn’t as fulfilling as throwing it out to others, who may or may not be listening and who may or may not respond. We like to think what we have to say, no matter how trivial, is interesting. And just because people follow us, We get the sense that it really is interesting – even when it  really isn’t.

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  1. Gabriel Emanuel Borlean
    December 29th, 2009 at 03:40 | #1

    That has been the main reason why I never signed up for an account or found Twitter interesting … “become a socially acceptable way to talk to ourselves”

    We all know how boring it can be when a friend (“motor-mouth” style) keeps talking … about everything under and over the earth.

    We all know how embarassing it can be when we share something outloud without ruminating over the results or consequences of those words.

    Seems lik Twitter makes it acceptable to participate in both of these socially uncouth behaviors … without any negative results.

    My question to those who Twitter … is … “HOW do you put up with other people’s mindless twitter?” and “Where do you find the peace of mind and space that any sane person needs?”

    (my questions show that my understanding of all the technicalities and setting twiking on Twitter is close to null).

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