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Celebrate the 60th Birthday of CPH’s Music Department With 60% Off for 60 Hours

February 1st, 2010 1 comment

Hey, isn’t it great when somebody has a birthday and you get the presents? This is precisely what’s happening at Concordia Publishing House, Feb. 1-3. Our music department is celebrating its 60th Birthday today, and in honor of this event, please check out the special 60 Hour Sale. There are some great savings available on nearly 450 items at 60% off: choral, handbell, and organ music, as well as books and CDs. From its beginning Concordia Publishing House published music and hymnals, but there were no full time staff members devoted to music. On February 1, 1950, CPH hired its first full-time head of the newly formed Music Department, Edward Klammer.

Happy Birthday CPH Music Department!

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The Benefits of the Church Year

February 1st, 2010 Comments off

I picked up this comment over at the Evangel blog siter, where a person was commenting on a blog post about the Christian Church Year. Quite perceptive!

The church year is so natural! Our lives follow from birthdays to anniversaries to the start of baseball season to the first snowfall to…. and the church year goes from Advent, waiting for the Incarnation, then the celebration, then the ordinary time marked by saint’s days, to Lent, the waiting for the Passion, Death and Resurrection of our Lord, then back to ordinary time, more saints, more milestones of history. When we stand to petition the Lord for various things at worship each Sunday, we start with the Church, since it overarches all Creation. Its timeline drives all the rest. I learn and retain a ton more Scripture by following the cycle because it flows naturally from Mary’s Yes, then Jesus’ birth, life and ministry, into what He proclaims, His miracles, and then the Pharisees and their plottings. For teaching children, it’s better than any serial or soap opera!