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Light of Life: A Journey of Prayerful Meditation on the Gospel of John — Available Now!

May 28th, 2010
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A new personal Bible study is available, Light of Life. Here is Light of Life’s home page. Here is the promotional video, and below it an explanation of what Light of Life is all about. Give the video a chance to load before you hit play.

Light of Life is a seven-week, guided, prayerful meditation on the Gospel of John. The plan is simple and clear: read through the Gospel of John over seven weeks. (Sundays are not included, the assumption being that people will be involved in Sunday morning worship.) For each day, the companion participant journal has the reading from John’s Gospel along with a portion for use as the meditation component and the contemplative prayer component. Please note: This is an “anytime” program. It can be begun at any time, by anyone. There are no calendar dates, but only 42 days of readings.

The goal is to help people learn and grow in the ancient Christian art of reading the Bible in an intentionally meditational and prayerful way. Referred to as “Divine Reading” or Lectio Divina, this way has roots in the Old Testament with the Psalmist’s meditations on God’s Torah. The tradition continued into the New Testament era with our Lord’s pointing all of Scripture to Himself (Luke 24). It was a well-established practice in the Early Church that continued into the Medieval Church. At this point, however, the practice picked up some unhelpful aspects, and the goal of prayerful and devotional mediation on God’s Word became skewed by a focus on the final stage, “contemplation,” which often involved breaking free of the biblical text with the goal of “reaching God.”

As in other areas, here Martin Luther and the Reformers drew the Church back to a Word-centered and Jesus-centered spirituality, with the focus being the dynamic interplay of Law and Gospel.

Light of Life is intended to provide anyone, or any congregation, with a unified Bible- reading experience aimed at strengthening and aiding each participant with devotional practices and Bible-reading disciplines that will serve them for the rest of their lives. This resource will help its users approach Scripture not as a sort of textbook of Christian facts but as the living Word of God for them. And, most significantly, this resource and experience will help them understand the particularly keen emphasis in the Lutheran Bible reading tradition of looking at everything through the lens provided by Christ Jesus, who is the Light of Life.

Included on the companion CD-ROM are the following resources:
• A complete Bible study on every chapter of John, which you may modify and customize however you wish—using it entirely or in portions. Available both in RTF and in PDF file formats, with both student and teacher components.
• Daily messages you can send to all participants to offer them encouragement and a reminder of the day’s reading. (Send via e-mail or post them to Twitter.)
• Newsletter and bulletin templates you can use as you wish.
• Weekly “bulletin blurbs” about the reading program that you can use to encourage participants and create interest in those yet to be involved.
• A PowerPoint presentation for you to use for promotional purposes.
• A brief promotional video to promote interest in joining the experience.

The participant journal is a stand-alone print piece that people will want to use to record their meditation and prayers as they read the text. It contains helps and an introduction into the art of prayerful meditation on the Scripture, both of which explain what Christian meditation is all about and help participants learn this skill.

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