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The Fathers Speak: The Church Keeps Laughing

June 22nd, 2010
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“Isaac also, delivered from death, laughed, sporting and rejoicing with his spouse, who was the type of the helper of our salvation, the church, to whom the stable name of endurance is given for this reason: because she alone remains to all generations, rejoicing ever, subsisting as she does by the endurance of believers, who are the members of Christ. . . . The King, then, who is Christ, beholds from above our laughter, and looking through the window, as the Scripture says, views the thanksgiving and the blessing and the rejoicing and the gladness and furthermore the endurance that works together with them and their embrace. Thus he views his church, showing only his face, which before was hidden to the church, which is made perfect by her royal head.”

— Clement of Alexandria
Christ and Educator, 1.5.27.

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  1. John Maxfield
    June 23rd, 2010 at 09:55 | #1

    A counterpoint from Luther (Genesis Lectures): “I do not know for what purpose God allows the Turk [i.e. a politically resurgent Islam) to rage and the pope to rave against the Christians. His face is altogether terrible when the Turk, the pope,a nd the tyrants rage with the sword and with slaughtering; but when heretics do so with their errors, heresies, and offenses, who will show us the face of God here--the face that we long to see? But nothing will happen. 'You will see my back,' says the Lord. 'Cling to my word, and believe. Entrust the administration and preservation of all things to me. Let me do as I please. But do not hesitate to risk wife, children, and all you possess rather than to reject or deny my word. If you do not see what I am doing now, Peter, you will know later.'" [cf. Jn 13:7, Mt 16:23]
    Quoted from J Maxfield, p 210; my trans. of WA 44:603.5-14; cf. AE 8:32.

  2. John Maxfield
    June 23rd, 2010 at 09:57 | #2

    Oops–the title of the book quoted fell out of the quotation; it’s “Luther’s Lectures on Genesis and Formation of Evangelical Identity”

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