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Hot Air Preaching

July 23rd, 2010
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My dear friends, the reason unbelieving preachers are nearly always in control in the “Lutheran” congregations of our former home country Germany is unquestionably this: the sermons of the “Christian” preachers are only hot air. Unbelievers are increasing in the congregations about as fast as the “Christian” preachers are increasing – of whom there are considerably more now that when I was young. Why do those preachers not accomplish anything? Oh, would to God that these dear men had the humility to sit at Luther’s feet and study his postils! they would learn how to preach with great effectiveness. For – when preached as it should be – the Word of God never returns empty. May God help you in your future ministry not to become aimless prattlers. That way you would not have to complain that you accomplish so little. And were you to become aimless prattlers, you would have only yourselves to blame because you did not have a definite goal when preparing your sermons and because you did not reflect that “these are the particular people to whom I want to drive home a lesson – not this or that person whom I am going to name specifically, but persons whose condition I know to be such and such.” However, while it is important that sermons need a specific goal, it is equally important that your aim be the right one. If you do not aim properly, your preaching will be useless – regardless of whether you preach Law or Gospel.

— C.F.W. Walther
Law and Gospel (CPH: 2010), p. 112
Quoted by M.C. Harrison on his blog
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