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The North American Lutheran Church Official Press Release

August 29th, 2010
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The NALC has posted this official press release.


Lutheran CORE leaders note that the problems in the ELCA are really not about sexual behavior but
rather about an ongoing movement away from the authority and teaching of the Bible throughout the
ELCA, on issues far broader than simply human sexuality.

“It was not our choice to leave the ELCA, but the ELCA has chosen to reject ‘the faith once delivered
to the saints,’ so now we are acting to maintain our position within the consensus of the Church
catholic,” said Schwarz.

“The ELCA has decided that it is in a position of authority over the Bible itself rather than
submitting to the authority of the Bible over all matters of faith and life,” Chavez said. “And
unfortunately, most of the attention is given to the sexuality issues, but there are actually much more
disturbing trends within the ELCA.”

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  1. james mott
    September 1st, 2010 at 15:20 | #1

    We left the LCMS in 1980, later the church joined the AELC and at the time of the merger were assured the liberals would be outnumbered by the moderated of the AELC and ALC. Now it looks like it is time to return to the LCMS. I dought many Missouri churches will go to the NALC. I’m glad to see some are voicing their objections and not just following the ELCA like sheep follow a Judus goat.

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