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Commemorating and Remembering Lucas Cranach Today

October 16th, 2010
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Lucas Cranach, self portrait.

Today, in 1553, Lucas Cranach, the friend of Luther and the other Reformers, died, at age 81, after an unusually long life for his time. He was born in 1472. You can see his grave today in Weimar, Germany. Where is buried right along the outside of the west church wall of the St. Lukas Church. Inside the Church of St. Paul and Paul is a copy of the large memorial stone, set in the chancel, near his faithful Prince,  Johann Frederick the Magnanimous, who is buried, with his wife, Sybille, in the chancel, in front of the huge painting by Lucas’ son, Lucas Cranach, the Younger. The painting is said to have been started by the elder Cranach and finished by the son. You can read more about Lucas Cranach on a fairly good Wikipedia page, with a number of examples of his paintings.

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