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How Do You Make the Bible More Personal?

March 29th, 2011
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I found this video on Justin Taylor’s blog site and thought it was a very well done response to a common question: “How can I make the Bible more personal?” The couple asking the counselor this question framed their inquiry in very honest and helpful terms, and the response is also equally helpful. We Lutherans can offer something even more though: the dynamic of the proper distinction between the Law and the Gospel as they are used by our Lord to mold and shape us. Please watch this video, then…consider making use of a set of materials we produced some time ago to facilitate the use of the Scriptures in a richly and intensely personal and devotional way, using the ancient art of the “divine reading” of the Bible, a practice that Martin Luther advocated and reformed. I’m referring to the “Light of Life” program, which will help you and the members of your congregation get started on developing the habit of daily, prayerful meditation on God’s Word. Here is a link to the Light of Life program page on our CPH web site.


Dr. David Powlison – Making Scripture Personal from CCEF on Vimeo.


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