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The Finest Children’s Story Bible Ever Published. Ever. Period.

April 25th, 2011
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Never before in our nearly 150 years of publishing have we produced a Bible for children as rich and feature-filled as The Story Bible. This treasure will be a great help to pastors, teachers, parents and grandparents as they, like the faithful mother and grandmother of St. Timothy, lead the little ones to understand the Sacred Scriptures. Visit this web site to download a nice sample and read more about this fantastic new resource.

Throughout this Bible, high quality realistic art from our Growing in Christ series is used to fully engage the reader, rather than using cartoonish artwork that might suggest to children that the Bible stories are pretend rather than real.

Our intent was to keep the focus on Christ by presenting stories with Old Testament prophecies about Christ so we could present one story for all of Scripture—God’s gift of the Savior. Instead of paraphrasing each story, they were drawn directly from the Bible while adjusting them for student readability.

Many stories from the latter part of the Old Testament have been included so that children may begin to build an understanding of the sequence of biblical history. There is also a user’s guide included to explain how to use this Bible with children at different stages of development and reading levels.

Other unique features included in this Bible are discussion questions, learning activities, and prayers. These bring each story to life, making a meaningful and lasting impression on children from ages 3 to 8.

Whether for at-home use, in preschools, or as part of a congregation-wide children’s ministry, this Bible will make a lasting impact.

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  1. April 25th, 2011 at 20:48 | #1

    This looks fantastic. I have been very disappointed with the children’s books of the past. They either ad-lib / speculate (I’m talking about you, Egermeier), have horrendous artwork (later editions of “100 Bible Stories”), or talk down so much to the children as to be almost useless.

    Here, the stories are almost entirely Scripture, the art is fantastic, and the questions are well chosen. Looking forward to seeing the end product.

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