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The Wicked Game False Teachers Play

July 9th, 2011
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“It is a very common subterfuge of those who do not want to accept any single doctrine of the divine Word, that they first ascribe it to a person and then, under his name, reject it as a human doctrine. They act in no other way than as if they also certainly believed the Word of Scripture, but they are only loudly objecting against submitting to the authority of a person who is prone to error, and having to accept a human, uncertain interpretation. Through such a maneuver they hope to mislead others, who might notice that they do not unconditionally submit to the Word of God. So, for example, many now are saying nothing honorable since in their hearts they regard Christ as either a liar or a thoughtless babbler when he says: “This is my body, this is my blood.” But rather, in order to be allowed to not believe Christ, and to be able yet to retain their honor amongst Christians, they say: “Oh, we are not one of those Old Lutherans! We stick with the Bible! Those symbolical books were also written by men!” When they’ve said that, they think they must be excused by everyone for rejecting what Christ’s Words say. Will God also accept their excuse “Oh, I’m not an Old Lutheran”? ”

C.F.W. Walther
Der Lutheraner
Volume 2, Number 11
January 1846, pg. 42-43
Translated by Joel Baseley

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  1. July 9th, 2011 at 07:23 | #1

    How often do we follow the leadings of our hearts and minds over the will of God? False teachers are in the majority in the world today. Plenty enough to ease the conscience of the public. This is the main reason I left the Calvinist camp and searched for what the scriptures really said. Rather than beginning at the here and now, I started my search from the early church fathers and worked my way up. Luther was the shining star. It didn’t take much to figure out the LCMS was still on track.

    I think Lutherans don’t value just what kind of jewel they have, what kind of preaching and teaching they have today and historically. It’s good there are so many learned men pointing back to what is and always will be the truth.

  2. Terry Maher (Past Elder)
    July 9th, 2011 at 12:27 | #2

    Walther does it again! What he describes is exactly the way heterodoxy was taught when I was in college over a century later — we do not deny the Bible or church doctrine but rather realise that what has been taken to be fixed are rather points, snapshots, in the growing self-understanding of the People of God, and to take one’s place in continuity and true tradition is to participate in this continuing self-understanding of the People of God rather than seize upon one moment in it.

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