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The Church from Age to Age — Great Survey of Church History — Coming Early September

August 24th, 2011
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The Church from Age to Age examines key historic events from the time of the apostles through today. Informative and clearly written, readers of all ages will find the answers to the who, why, and how behind the current state of Christianity the world over. Maps, readings from primary sources, and an extensive bibliography, index, and timeline make this a complete one-volume resource for the classroom and for home. This is a great survey text.

You can take a look at a sample from the book, by clicking this link. The PDF file will download automatically to your computer.

You can place an order for the book, and receive it when we receive it from the printer. The price is $36.99, and the professional church worker discount of 20% applies. The book is 1068 in an easy to read and hold paperback edition. Click here to order, or call 800-325-3040.

Contributors include:

 •  Dr. Robert G. Clouse is professor emeritus of history at Indiana State University. He was a founding member of the Conference on Faith and History, served on the editorial board of the Brethren Encyclopedia, and was a contributing editor of the New Twentieth Century Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge.

•  Dr. Karl H. Dannenfeldt † served as professor of history at Arizona State University, the American editor of Archiv f ür Reformationsgeschichte, a committee member for the American Society of Church History, and president and officer for the American Society of Reformation Research.

•  Edward A. Engelbrecht (STM) is senior editor for professional and academic books at Concordia Publishing House and general editor for The Lutheran Study Bible (2009), which is currently being translated into Spanish and Portuguese.

•  Dr. Marianka S. Fousek is an independent historian who served as a professor at Miami University and other schools. She also served as a council member for the American Society of Church History.
•  Walter Oetting † (MA) served as professor of Church history at Concordia Seminary. He died young, just after completing his book for the Church in History series, which was reissued in 1992 due to its continuing interest as an introductory text.

•  Dr. K. Detlev Schulz is associate professor and chairman for the department of pastoral ministry and mission at Concordia Theological Seminary, serves as the PhD supervisor of the missiology program, and is dean of the graduate school.  He grew up in Africa, studied in Europe and the United States, and served as a missionary in Botswana.

•  Dr. Roy A. Suelflow † served as a missionary in China, Japan, and Taiwan. He also served as a seminary professor and mission director in East Asia. He later taught church history at Concordia Seminary and served as associate editor for the Concordia Historical Institute Quarterly.

•  Dr. Carl A. Volz † served as professor of church history at Luther Seminary and as an editor for Dialog: A Journal of  Theology. In 1997, the American Academy of Parish Clergy selected his book, The Medieval Church, as one of the ten best books of that year.

What Others Are Saying
“The Church from Age to Age is a marvelous survey text. Replete with a lengthy, detailed timeline, fifteen different maps, lists of popes, eastern patriarchs, church councils and assemblies, peppered with primary source readings and, most importantly, founded on a meaty, spiritually edifying, and global historical narrative, it offers students of all kinds a wealth of information in a reader-friendly format. Though produced by confessional Lutherans from a Protestant point of view, it is accurate, reliable, and much broader in scope than most traditional Protestant histories. Its global frame of reference will be especially helpful to many. I strongly recommend this text for use in Christian colleges, seminaries, churches, and Protestant homes around the world. I will certainly be using it in my own teaching ministry.”

—Douglas A. Sweeney

Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

An outstanding book! . . . Combines all the elements that make for a great text.
—Robert Caldwell
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

A clear, thorough and balanced coverage of world Christianity.
—Bradley Nassif
North Park University (Chicago)

A marvelous survey text. . . . I will certainly be using it in my own teaching ministry.
—Douglas A. Sweeney
Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

Very readable and lively. . . . Exceptional research.
—Chris Chun
Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary

Both erudite and accessible. . . . Encourages a truly global vision of the Church.
—Joseph P. Amar
The University of Notre Dame

Filled with a rich array of fresh resources for . . . study and teaching.
—Garth M. Rosell
Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

Accurately reflects the dispersion and diversity of the Christian movement.
—Nathan A. Finn
Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

[A] magnum opus. . . . See where Christianity has been and where it is going.
—Joel C. Elowsky
Center for Early African Christianity, Eastern University

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