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How to Pray the Lord’s Prayer with Greater Understanding: Get to Know Luther’s Explanation of It Even Better

October 26th, 2011
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I’m happy to tell you that the third volume in the commentary series on Luther’s catechisms is now available. The translation is extremely well done and these volumes are a delight to read. Dr. Albrecht Peters offers insights into the meaning of Luther’s comments in his Small and Large Catechisms, drawing from a nearly encyclopedic familiarity with Luther’s works. You will really enjoy digging into the information, which is written in a way, and translated in such a way, that the information is accessible to all: pastor and layman alike. You can order this volume now, from our web site, or by calling 800-325-3040. If you are a pastor, in any church body, makes no difference, or a rostered professional church worker in any church body, you will receive a 20% church worker discount when you buy this book.

Here’s a sample from the book you can download.

You might also like to know that the Peters commentary on the Creed is available also in Kindle format now, and the Lord’s Prayer soon will be as well.

By the way: I very, very…very…strongly recommend that everyone reading this go to CPH.ORG and set up an account there with us. Ordering our resources from our web site is the fastest and easiest way to place an order. The order literally goes instantaneously to our completely computer controlled order fulfillment system and right to the distribution center, we we are able to get nearly 100% of every order placed on a given day, into the mail stream, on that very day.

More details from our web site:

The German edition of Commentary on Luther’s Catechisms by Albrecht Peters has long been the gold standard of research on the catechetical texts of the great reformer. This translation makes the wealth of research available in English for both the researcher and the catechist. Separate volumes address the Decalogue, the Creed, the Lord’s Prayer, the Sacraments, and Confession with the Table of Duties, prayers, and the Marriage and Baptismal Booklets.
For Luther, God’s action in creation, redemption, sanctification, justification, and prayer are inseparably tied together with one another, and all true prayer finds the seed around which it can crystallize in the Lord’s Prayer. The reformer develops these central insights throughout his several different explanations of the Lord’s Prayer. This book shows what types of changes took place in Luther’s explanations before reaching the present form in the catechisms and provides the needed context of Luther’s interpretation within that of the Western tradition.
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This definitive and comprehensive study of Luther’s catechetical writings places Luther’s catechisms in the full context of his broader theology and writings, as well as within the history of Christian catechesis and theology. It is an essential handbook for students of Luther and the Reformation and a valuable resource for those entrusted today with the ministry of catechesis according to these most durable products of Luther’s pastoral heart and pen.
Christopher Boyd Brown
Assistant Professor of Church History
Boston University
One of the most insightful interpreters of Luther and the theological tradition of the Lutheran Church in the latter half of the twentieth century, Peters places Luther’s texts before readers in the context of the reformer’s own time and of the catechetical tradition that he inherited, put to use, and transformed. Accessible to a broad audience, this volume will significantly enrich the teaching of all who use it to deepen their understanding of two of the most precious gems from Luther’s pen: the Small and Large Catechism.
Robert Kolb
Missions Professor of Systematic Theology and Director of the Institute
for Mission Studies
Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, Missouri
This English translation will contribute to the ongoing discussion concerning the content, purpose, and use of catechisms and instruction in the Christian faith, both in the Reformation era and today.
Mary Jane Haemig
Associate Professor of Church History
Luther Seminary, St. Paul, Minnesota
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