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Back from Vacation in Cancun, Mexico: I Highly Recommend It!

November 26th, 2011
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The largest structure at Chichen Itza, central "pyramid." Taken with the improved camera on the iPhone 4S, for you photo buffs, by the way.

My family and I just returned from a wonderful seven night vacation in Cancun, Mexico. Thanks to the generosity of my father and mother-in-law, we were given a week of a timeshare unit they bought many years ago,  and we trade it all over the place. It has allowed us to take some really great vacations and enjoy family time. This time we thought we’d give Cancun, Mexico a try.

I must confess I was none too pleased, frankly. After having returned from a ten day or so sojourn to India I was pretty much not looking forward to being  in a place where the water can not be trusted and the language and culture was not my own. I’m sorry, that’s just how I felt. But, with my two years of High School Spanish, I managed to do very well and everyone we met in Mexico was extraordinarily friendly, caring and happy to go out of their way to be of service, totally above-and-beyond stuff.

I’ve learned in my somewhat limited world travels that learning how to give a proper greeting, a warm “Hello” and “How are you?” and  “Please” and “Thank You” and “Good Morning” and “Good Evening” in anyone’s native tongue goes over very, very well.

The place we stayed at was north of the heavily congested “hotel zone” in Cancun proper, an older place, but meticulously well cared for, in a very family friendly atmosphere. I’ve grown to love Latino culture and their emphasis on family and friends and just giving people the gift of time.

Casa Maya, Cancun, Mexico

We simply chilled and relaxed. The other members of my family went in for the “high adventure” Scuba diving stuff a couple days. Me? Not so much. My experience was Scuba was nearly drowning and that pretty much cooked it for me. My son, Paul, joined me on a day trip out to see Chichen Itza, truly one of the wonders of the world. I’m still processing what I saw there. Simply breathtakingly beautiful and magnificent, all constructed without any iron tools and without any wheeled vehicles. Trust me on this, if you ever get a chance to go there, do it. It’s worth putting up with the people trying to sell you everything for “one dollar” as you stroll around the ruins. It is a 17 square mile complex which developed around and above seven very large fresh water sinkholes/cisterns, whatever you want to call then, fed by underground rivers, pouring in huge amounts of fresh potable water.

Let me say that again: a seventeen square mile complex, at the heart of which is the main complex featuring a stunning beautiful “pyramid” and other facilities. The Mayans were an amazing culture, and the cool thing is that they are still there today. You are startled by the fact that so many of the people look just like the carvings of the Mayan people, a culture that flourished in Guatemala and Southern Mexico nearly 1500 years ago. The Mayan calendar was, and is, far more accurate than the calendar we use today. It is almost amusing how relatively little is still known about the purpose of the buildings. The Mayans were a blood-thirsty lot, to be sure, indulging in human sacrifice. The played a game involving a hard rubber ball on a court nearly the size of two football fields and apparently losing was a very, very unpleasant experience: your team was killed, or at the least, your team captain was killed by being stabbed then, for good measure, his head was chopped off. Those fun loving Mayans! Talk about a full contact sport.

Well, the week or so there, on the Caribbean Sea was simply delightful. We stayed at the Casa Maya resort and the food was simply delicious. I highly recommend it. We payed nearly half of what we would have payed had we stayed at a US resort. Going during Thanksgiving week was simply spectacular. The weather was warm, but not hot, and the crowds were very low. Perfect time of the year. We were with mostly Latinos visiting from all over the world and various places in the USA. Everyone who needed to speak English, did, so we got along just fine.

A blessed Adventide to you and yours!

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