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Daily Luther: Why the World Hates Christians

April 28th, 2012
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“The evil foe and the world hate Christians not because they are sinners and stumble and fall occasionally. No, both the devil and the world could well tolerate that and would be well satisfied with them. But the fact that Christians hold to the Word in faith, that they put their hope in the Son of God, comfort themselves with His death and resurrection, fear God and desire to live according to His will, earnestly desire that through their confession others may come to the knowledge of God and faith, this the devil and the world cannot endure. For this reason they constantly torment the Christians; Satan afflicts their bodies with diseases, as St. Paul complains: The messenger of Satan buffets him and impales him, filling his heart and conscience with sadness, melancholy, terror, and the like; or he destroys their property by storms, hail, fire, as was the case with Job …. Therefore mind well, you dare not deny that you are a poor sinner, deserving all punishment; yea, God subjects His children to punishment for their sins, as Peter says: ‘Judgment must begin at the house of God.’ But you should say: Satan and the world do not hate me on account of my sins …. Why, then, do they hate me? It is on account of this Man [Christ], the Sin-bearer, whom I accept and confess as my God and Savior.” (St. L. XIII:434 ff.)

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