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We Need Software Testers!!

June 28th, 2012
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Would you like a chance to experience the latest in church management software or church website building software at no cost to you? Well you can, by becoming a field tester for Concordia Technology Solutions.  We are excited to announce the start of a new field-testing initiative. Field testers play an important role in all of our software releases due to their unique way of evaluating software. Therefore, we enthusiastically invite you to join us in this testing endeavor.

Individuals who choose to participate will have the option to test our upcoming releases of Shepherd’s Staff 2013Church360°, and/or Unite from home or at church. Note: In order to be a field tester for Shepherd’s Staff, users must have a current support contract.

Shepherd’s Staff is a fully integrated church management software currently used by approximately 6,200 churches nationwide. Church offices utilize Shepherd’s Staff on PC-based computers to track membership, attendance, contributions, and finance.

Church 360° is our newest church management software. This easy-to-use web-based program allows users to manage their church’s membership, events, attendance, and offerings from anywhere they have web access.

Unite is a unique web-based solution for a church.  The vision for Unite is to provide three products in one: website development and content management, social networking within a church, and a church-management front end for Church360°.

In return for submitting feedback on a regular basis and completing the testing phase:

  • Shepherd’s Staff testers will receive 6 months of free support.
  • Church360° testers will receive a full year’s use of a Church360° website.
  • Unite testers will receive a full year’s use of a Unite website.

Our programmers have finished coding and we have spent months testing these programs in house. Even with this effort, we still want your aid in testing all of the new functionality and features in a real-world environment. If you are interested in participating, please contact us at support@cts.cph.org for more information.

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  1. Joanne
    June 28th, 2012 at 15:19 | #1

    I don’t want to suggest something your software already does, nor something that the synod has already solved with an outside software company, but I didn’t notice a particular software capability mentioned in this brief description of the new Church360°.

    I was looking for a software capability for inventory control and for church and small school library automation.

    As a retired librarian, my church asked me to help organize the church’s public library and the pastors’ libraries. As is usually the case, when collections reach a certain size and user groups grow, people suddenly realize they need software to help them organize their bibliographic property, so that they can know what they already own and can know who has it and where it is.

    Library automation answers the pastor’s question: “I can’t find my book by Rast.” Church secretary: “I think you gave it to the lady you spoke with last month about trains in the history of salvation.” Pastor: “What lady?” Church secretary: “It was Mollie Hemmingweh you gave the train book to, if that’s the book you’re looking for.” Pastor: “Would you call her and get it back, asap. I need it for my next sermon.” Church secretary: “Hello, Ms. Hemmingweh, do you remember borrowing a book from Pastor Hueppelscheuser last month.” Ms. H: “A book? No, not right off. What was it about; who was the author?” Church secretary: “The author is Dr. Rast and it’s about trains.” Ms. H: “Trains, why would I borrow a book on trains from Pastor Hueppelscheuser? Do you remember the title?” CS: “It was something about history, trains, and salvation.” Ms. H: “Well I could swear I brought that book back a few Sundays ago and left it with Pastor Rotkaeppchen.” And on and on, and the book is under Ms. H’s stack of magazines in her second bedroom bathroom. Pastor Hueppelscheuser finally got the book back 3 years later when the family was cleaning out Aunt Mollie’s house after the funeral.

    It turned out to be a book by Jerome Task on Airplanes and the History of Lutheran missions. But, that’s just the book Pastor Hueppelscheuser was looking for, and he was so happy to get it back. It was terrible that he and Pastor Rotkaeppchen got into such a row about it, now that all is known.

    It is interesting that you can use a library software to manage inventory (57 size 45 desks in room 102), but you can’t use an inventory system to manage a library.

    Just a thought, all the Concordias have library automation systems, and probably a large number of our parocial libraries as well. But adding a standardized (MARC/OCLC/Z39.50) capable but cheap library automation software to your 360 degree software could be helpful to many who are managing church libraries and small parochial school libraries. Church secretaries everywhere will love it once fully installed.

    Pastor Hueppelscheuser: “Where’s my book by Rast.” CS: “Did you look in the Library system on your labtop?” PH: “No, that’s what you’re here for.” CS: “Oh, that’s right. Let me just take a quick look. Um, we don’t have any books by Rast, but here’s one of your books by a Task that was checked out to Ms. Hemmingweh last month.” PH: “That’s it, that’s it. Call her and tell her I need it back right away.”

    CS: “Hello, Ms. H, do you remember borrowing a book from PH last month by author, Jerome Task, titled Airplanes and the history of Lutheran missions?” Ms. H: No. No memory at all.” CS: “We show that pastor checed it out to you last month on the 14th, right after the Lenten Service and it’s still checked out to you.” Ms. H: ‘I think I brought that book back and left it on a table outside of Pastor Rotkaeppchen’s office. I couldn’t remember who I borrowed it from.” CS: “Ms. H, would you look around your house for the book and I’ll look around Pastor Rotkaeppchen’s office, and maybe we’ll find it soon because Pastor Hueppelscheuser plans to use it in next Sunday’s service.” Now, as the world turns, Ms. Hemmingweh’s cleaning lady did find the book under the bathroom magazines 3 weeks later and too late for the sermon. Still, it really helped knowing the exact book, and the exact players in the game.

    Nothing’s perfect, but it’s always nice to have the capability and the option to use it. And, how many parishes do you reckon have librarians or even retired librarians in their membership?

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