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Episcopalians Lead the March Over the Cliff: Approve Rite for Blessing Homosexual “Marriages”

July 10th, 2012
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From Reuters News Service: The U.S. Episcopal Church is poised to become the first major religious denomination in the United States to approve a rite for blessing gay marriages after its bishops overwhelmingly approved such a liturgy on Monday. The proposed blessing was agreed by the church’s Chamber of Bishops at a meeting in Indianapolis and is expected to receive final approval from its House of Deputies later this week, Ruth Meyers, a chair of the Episcopalians’ Subcommittee on Prayer Book, Liturgy and Church Music, told Reuters. The decision would go into effect in December and make the Episcopal Church, an independent U.S.-based institution affiliated with global Anglicanism, the biggest U.S. church to allow a liturgy for same-sex marriages. The Episcopal Church is the 14th-largest denomination in the United States with nearly 2 million adherents, according to the National Council of Churches. The United Church of Christ, a mainstream Protestant denomination with about a million members, has gone further so far than any other U.S. church, voting in 2005 to support same sex marriage. The new Episcopal same-sex liturgy, called “the Witnessing and Blessing of a Lifelong Covenant,” would be a standard rite for same-sex marriage.

And there you go. Of course, the United Church of Christ and the ECUSA are now in full communion with the ELCA…just a matter of time there as well.

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  1. July 10th, 2012 at 19:21 | #1

    Hmmmm…I wonder…if same-sex ‘marriage’ is exactly the same as marriage, then why wouldn’t the Book of Prayer Rite of Marriage simply be used? If pseudogamous ‘marriage’ is the same/equal to marriage, then why is there a felt need for a special rite for same-sex marriage? Unless, of course, there is something intrinsically and structurally, even existentially, different about same-sex ‘marriage’, and there is: it can not be marriage, since marriage biologically is about the “hetero”, the “other” a man and a woman. So there must be a logical necessity for a special rite and this is a tacit admission that this kind of ‘marriage’ can not be a marriage.

  2. July 10th, 2012 at 23:25 | #2

    This sad. Whenever a Christian Church does these type of things, it makes it seem that this is acceptable to non-Christians. Likewise, when abuse occurs by the Priests in the Catholic Church, it tells the world that all Christian Churches are this way. It’ s part of the attitude that non-Christians have as they look at Christianity as a whole.

    Regarding ELCA: We have people coming from the ELCA to our LCMS in NJ and I heard from a pastor in WA who said that, too.

  3. July 11th, 2012 at 08:00 | #3

    What the Episcopalian church is now doing is part of their new church policy. What the few child abusing priests have done in the R.C. Church has not now nor ever been a part of their church policy. Think of the many honest and good priests that would never considered harming a child. All priests now have to face suspicion because of the few bad apples. Plus, lets be honest, the R.C. Church, because if its size, is a focal point of attack by liberal media. Also, child abusers are deviants but are not stupid. They work at jobs that put them into direct contact with children such as camp counselors, youth pastors, teachers, and even some pediatricians. I have seen where Protestant pastors have been arrested for child abuse also. Ours is a sick society. But when I see traditonal churches such as the Episcopalian church agreeing to marry homosexuals, I realize that the Great Falling Away of some christians, that was predicted in the Bible to occur in the latter times is in full swing. We must take a stand with other traditional christians and be willing to lay down our lives for our principles. There is strength in unity and Jesus is with us.
    child abuse also

  4. Joe Das
    July 11th, 2012 at 09:05 | #4

    “Same-sex liturgy” *gag* I think there is more to that than just LGBT marriage.

  5. Gabriel E. Borlean
    July 11th, 2012 at 11:45 | #5

    This is not a big deal. Old news, yet still despicable and abominable in Gods and man’s eyes.

    Here in Denmark, the national evangelical lutheran church has recently adopted a new marriage ritual for gays and lesbians, but also offering the conservative/confessional pastors to opt out of performing such rituals if it goes against their conscience (even tho they are civil servants, paid by the state, thru the Church tax and governments reimbursements).

    God have mercy on us and Your Church!

  6. CRB
    July 11th, 2012 at 15:09 | #7

    We know what Scripture says about this, but I wonder what Dr. Luther would opine were he here today to witness this abomination?

  7. July 12th, 2012 at 08:56 | #9



    “So here all will depend on a sound knowledge and understanding of what this “What God has joined together,” is trying to say. It does not say, “What joined itself together,” but, “What God has joined together.” The joining together is easily seen, but men refuse to see that it is to be God who does the joining. As soon as a joining together has come about by the parties’ own efforts, they immediately want to hang God’s name over it as a cloak to hide their shame, and say that God did it. This is misusing and dishonoring God’s name and is contrary to the second commandment. The verse itself clearly indicates that two kinds of joining take place, one by God, the other without God. Joining without God means that which is done by us ourselves without his word and commandment; joining without God means that which is ourselves alone without his word and commandment. Now we have taught so often that we should do nothing unless we have the express approval of God’s word; God himself has nothing to do with us, nor we with him, except through his word, which is the only means by which we recognize his will, and according to which we govern our actions.”

    “On Marriage Matters”, LW volume 46, The Christian in Society

    “’Let the marriage be held in honor among all, and let the marriage bed be undefiled.’ Hold fast to that, those of you who are married. St. Augustine writes in one place concerning married people, that even if one of them is somewhat weak, etc., he should not be afraid of the sudden and infallible Day of the Lord; even if the day of the Lord were to come in the hour when man and wife were having marital intercourse, they should not be afraid of it. Why is this so? Because even if the Lord comes in that hour he will find them in the ordinance and station in which they have been placed and installed by God.”

    From Luther’s Sermon ‘A the Marriage of Sigismund von Lindenau, 1545, LW 51

    “For here (in marriage) God says to the man: You are my man; and to the woman: You are my woman.” –ibid

    “All heretics have denigrated matrimony and have sought for and begun some newfangled and bizarre way of life.” Luther’s Sermon on John 2: 1—11, 1533, Luther’s House Postils, vol. 1

    “…let’s learn this object lesson well, so that each of us willingly and contentedly serves and supports the estate of marriage which our Lord himself ordained and honored and created to be a wellspring and source of all other estates on earth. For every king and ruler support the establishing of households, or marriage (they themselves have stemmed from the estate of marriage), because there would be neither people nor means to support government were people not to marry. For the householder, father, or mother, must lay the foundation upon which all estates int eh world, from the loftiest to the lowliest are sustained. For this reason our Lord God has caused the marriage estate to be a wellspring of every gift that belongs to our life and existence, as Scripture states: ‘Eve is the mother of every human being.’” (ibid)

  8. July 12th, 2012 at 19:34 | #10

    Pr. Schroeder,
    Thank you for this! It will help me explain to others. Maartin Luther is always so colorful in explaining things.
    One of my favorite things is the prayer for our marriage, I think, that says,”… and let them always remember that it was God that joined them together…” (From the Pastor’s service book, I guess). We’ve been married 20 years this year and I keep that prayer in mind- especailly when things aren’t going well for us that day. :)

  9. July 12th, 2012 at 21:19 | #11

    @Susan James
    Susan, the Lord’s blessings on your anniversary! My wife and I just celebrated our 25th on July 4 (yes, July 4th: Interdepedence Day). Keep the Faith.
    Pr. Schroeder

  10. July 12th, 2012 at 21:21 | #12

    P. S. I think congregations should regularly extol wedding anniversaries in all their publications and announcements. I think this is even more important than birthdays in our society.

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